International Defence Training (Army)

World Class Military Training

International Defence Training (Army) (ITD(A)) is based in Warminster, UK and helps deliver training to over 1,500 International Students annually, from over 110 Partner Nations, attending over 170 different courses with the British Army. IDT(A) is the primary point of contact for international students attending all British Military Army, and some Joint, courses.

Courses are available in the following areas; Ammunition and Explosives and Searching, Animal Related Courses, Armour Centre, Artillery, Catering, Combined Arms and Collective Training, Drill, Driving, Engineering, Finance and Administration, Infantry, Intelligence and Security, Languages, Logistics, Medicine, Music, Photography, Physical Training, Police Training, Surveying

You can attend training at the following locations; Cranfield Defence and Security University, Defence College of Technical Training, Joint Service Command and Staff College and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Available Courses

Ammunition, Explosive and Search Courses

Animal Related Courses

Armour Centre

Artillery Courses

Catering Courses

Close Protection Courses

Combined Arms and Collective Training Courses

Cranfield Defence and Security University

Defence College of Technical Training Courses

Drill Courses

Driving Courses

Engineering Courses

Finance and Administration Courses

Infantry Battle School Courses

Intelligence and Security Courses

Joint Services Command and Staff College

Language Courses

Logistic Courses

Medical Courses

Music Courses

Photography Courses

Physical Training Courses

Police Training Courses

Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Courses

Survey Courses