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Steadfast Defender 24:

A Landmark in NATO's Strength and Unity

Explore the Largest Deployment to Europe in 40 Years, Led by the British Army.

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Steadfast Defender 24 stands as a testament to the strength and unity of NATO, with the British Army leading contributions to 11 exercises during the deployment. This historic deployment involves over 40,000 NATO personnel, 16,000 of which come from the British Army, marking the largest of its kind in the last four decades.

The exercises, spanning from Greece to Norway, demonstrate NATO's unwavering commitment to defend the alliance’s shared values.

History of Defender

The British Army’s involvement in Steadfast Defender 24 is deeply rooted in its commitment to collective defence and maintaining a unified stance with NATO.

Over the years the British Army’s participation in Steadfast Defender 24 has evolved as a crucial element in enhancing joint working with our allies and partners, honing and learning skills across the domains of land, sea, air, space and cyber.

The British Army's Mission

The British Army's contribution to Steadfast Defender 24 is not just a demonstration of strength but a commitment to readiness and defence. Deploying over 16,000 personnel, the British Army will show the strength of the UK’s land forces' commitment to NATO and further enhance collaborative relations over the deployment.

Over 40,000 NATO personnel, including 16,000 from the British Army, participate in the largest deployment of its kind in 40 years.Celebrating 75 years since its founding, NATO emerges stronger than ever, exemplified by the scale and significance of Steadfast Defender 24. Proudly training alongside NATO allies, the British Army's contribution in Eastern Europe demonstrates cohesion with those who guard the alliance’s flanks.

Tens of thousands of troops from NATO and the Joint Expeditionary Force will participate, with the UK leading NATO's Allies Response Force for 2024. Witness the deployment of an impressive number of troops, armoured vehicles and tanks across countries, from Greece to Norway, highlighting the British Army's leading position within NATO.

Steadfast Defender 24 is more than an exercise; it's a reflection of NATO's enduring strength and unity. Explore the British Army's pivotal role in this historic deployment, reinforcing the alliance's commitment to defend and protect. Join us in celebrating 75 years of NATO's resilience and witness the future of collaborative defence in action.

Exercise Joint Viking

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“We are proud to conduct training alongside our NATO allies. Steadfast Defender will see our joint contribution in eastern Europe working cohesively with allied nations. 75 years after it was founded, NATO is stronger than ever."

“NATO is the cornerstone of our defence. Supporting NATO is therefore a priority for our armed forces. We strive for excellence across all domains, taking part in Steadfast Defender will develop and hone skills in land, sea, air, space, and cyber defence.”