Phase 2/3


Army Aviation Centre

The Army Aviation Centre, located at Middle Wallop, conducts training for officers and soldiers in both the aircrew and groundcrew role. It is home to 2 (Training) Regiment Army Air Corps and 7 (Training) Regiment Army Air Corps.


Regiments and Squadrons

2 (Training) Regiment Army Air Corps (AAC) consists of two squadrons: 668 (Training) Squadron AAC and 676 Squadron AAC. These squadrons provide and manage the ground training for all AAC Phase Two trainees and Direct Entry Groundcrew officers.

7 (Trg) Regt AAC consists of three squadrons: 670 Squadron AAC, 671 Squadron AAC and 673 Squadron AAC. These squadrons provide the necessary flying training for AAC officers and non-commissioned officers.



The Army Aviation Centre, in its current format, came into being on 1 August 2009. Prior to this the establishment was known as the School of Army Aviation (SAAvn), which formed up in August 1965. At this time SAAvn consisted of a Flying Wing, a Trade Training School and the ground instruction part of Tactics Wing, under its own Commandant.

A major rebuild was undertaken at Middle Wallop in late 1966 to meet the new expansion of the Corps and this changed the station considerably. Many of the old huts were demolished to make way for an instructional block, which was named Stockwell Hall, after the first Colonel Commandant of the Army Air Corps, General Sir Hugh Charles Stockwell GCB, KBE, DSO and Bar (16 June 1903 – 27 November 1986).