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Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson announcement

All Army roles open to women

Women in Ground Close Combat roles

The Great Airborne Bake-Off

The icing on the cake came under scrutiny as 16 Air Assault Brigade chefs held their annual Christmas Cake decoration competition.

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Exercise Terminal Strike delivers capability

Exercise Terminal Strike recently took place in the challenging terrain of the Scottish Highlands, and provided a valuable training opportunity for Royal Artillery and Royal Armoured Corps Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs), who are able to guide in close air support on the battlefield.

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The official magazine of the British Army - read exciting and thought-provoking coverage of all aspects of Service life.

In this month’s magazine: Exercise Trident Juncture and talking shop with the new Army Sergeant Major.

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Army Newsletter

The British Army’s newsletter has been re-introduced as part of our efforts to improve communications across the Army. IN FRONT is presented in a modern, smart phone compatible format so that it can be shared widely and to make the information more accessible. All ranks are encouraged to read it and follow the links to dip into areas of particular interest. 

It can be hard to keep pace with the amount of change going on and with everything the Army is doing around the world. This newsletter together with a new Army Core Script enables us all to speak with a more unified voice wherever we serve in the Army.

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