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BATUS training area provides room for manoeuvre during exercise

Training in Canada

British Army commits to supporting NATO assets in Germany

The British Army is committed to supporting critical NATO assets in Germany, including a combined river crossing capability and facilities to allow for joint training.

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Anglo-French machine gun training

Members of two of the world’s most prestigious airborne units have been honing their skills and sharing hard-won knowledge on a support weapons training course.

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Prime Minister Theresa May has committed an additional 440 British mentors to NATO’s capacity building mission in Afghanistan. The uplift will take the UK’s non-combat troop commitment in the country to around 1,100 personnel.

The additional mentors to the non-combat “Train Advise and Assist” mission in Afghanistan will bolster the UK’s existing 650 troop contribution. As part of their role, they will directly mentor the Afghan Security Forces who hold responsibility for security in the capital.

UK personnel currently in-country have helped train over 3000 officers at Afghanistan’s prestigious National Officer Training Academy, training the next generation of Afghan military leaders as they work to bring security for the people of Afghanistan.