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Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson announcement

All Army roles open to women

Women in Ground Close Combat roles
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Apache and Wildcat helicopter crews train together

Attack helicopter crews and Wildcats will be seen in the skies of Leicestershire this week as Army aviators from 3 Regiment Army Air Corps take part in Exercise Talon Python.


British and French paratroopers ready for joint operations

Across two demanding weeks in south west France, Exercise Falcon Amarante is testing the Airborne Combined Joint Expeditionary Force – a partnership between 16 Air Assault Brigade and 11e Brigade Parachutiste.

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In this month's magazine: Cambrian Patrol and what Remembrance means to modern troops.

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The British Army’s newsletter has been re-introduced as part of our efforts to improve communications across the Army. IN FRONT is presented in a modern, smart phone compatible format so that it can be shared widely and to make the information more accessible. All ranks are encouraged to read it and follow the links to dip into areas of particular interest. 

It can be hard to keep pace with the amount of change going on and with everything the Army is doing around the world. This newsletter together with a new Army Core Script enables us all to speak with a more unified voice wherever we serve in the Army.

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