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Celebrities support Human Optimisation Study Day


Human Optimisation Study Day
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Horses visit the beach with King's Troop, Royal Horse Artillery

King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery have taken their horses to Norfolk to ride on the beach.

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Rifles Soldiers skills tested during Exercise Millennium Bugle

Exercise Millennium Bugle has seen soldiers from 5RIFLES complete a challenging inter-platoon patrol competition.

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Soldier magazine

In this month’s magazine, recruits push their boundaries in Wales, and tackling loneliness among troops.

Arnhem, 75 Years On: Ex-Sapper recalls plucky prison break
Protein Power: Army chef shares his go-to recipes
Cutting a Lonely Figure: What to do if you’re feeling isolated

September Issue


Army Newsletter

The British Army’s newsletter has been re-introduced as part of our efforts to improve communications across the Army. IN FRONT is presented in a modern, smart phone compatible format so that it can be shared widely and to make the information more accessible. All ranks are encouraged to read it and follow the links to dip into areas of particular interest. 

It can be hard to keep pace with the amount of change going on and with everything the Army is doing around the world. ‘In Front’ together with the Army Core Script enables the Army to speak with a more unified voice and ensures that serving personnel and the wider Army community are informed of current activity and the latest developments.

Issue 3

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BAR 175 - Summer 2019

This edition of the British Army Review (BAR) has been designed to supplement the RUSI Land Warfare Conference, focusing on 'Securing Competitive Advantage.'

Download BAR 175 Full Edition