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Royal Signals Gamers Complete First Cyber Warfare Competition

Between 20-24 January, the inaugural Royal Signals Ex Mercury Cypher was completed at the Joint Force Command Battle Labs, part of the Defence College at Shrivenham, Wiltshire. Established and run as part of the Royal Signals 100 centenary celebrations, the exercise was intended to challenge teams from across the Corps in cyber warfare.

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Inflatable Training Area

Wiltshire based 1st Battalion The Mercian Regiment has taken delivery of a new and revolutionary training system in the shape of a temporary urban structure to enhance training opportunities and exercises.

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In this month’s issue:

  • Army Sergeant Major: WO1 Gav Paton on improving leadership, the recruitment issue, visiting nuclear bunkers and a whole lot more…
  • Ukraine update: How British trainers are helping to save the lives of front-line troops  
  • Street smart: Royal Gurkha Rifle troops hone their urban warfare skills at one of the best specialised training facilities in the world

January Issue

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Army Newsletter

The British Army’s newsletter has been re-introduced as part of our efforts to improve communications across the Army. IN FRONT is presented in a modern, smart phone compatible format so that it can be shared widely and to make the information more accessible. All ranks are encouraged to read it and follow the links to dip into areas of particular interest. 

It can be hard to keep pace with the amount of change going on and with everything the Army is doing around the world. ‘In Front’ together with the Army Core Script enables the Army to speak with a more unified voice and ensures that serving personnel and the wider Army community are informed of current activity and the latest developments.

Issue 4

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BAR 176 - Autumn 2019

This edition of the British Army Review (BAR) has at its core the theme of 'Victory and what victory means for the 21st Century British Army.'

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