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Regional Press Offices

The British public receive the majority of their information about the Armed Forces and MOD from the media. Engaging with and informing the media is critically important if we are to maintain public support for defence and the reputation of the Armed Forces.

The contact numbers below are for members of the media to contact Army Press Officers.

For general public enquires please use the Get In Touch section of the website. 



North of England:

Nick Pritchard 07971 114029 or 0300 164 8622 

Jade Brown 07929 105900

Central England:

Alison Cobb 07747 631122 




Susan Coulthard 07771 835111


Gareth Palmer  07767 664193



Tammy Dixon 07780 764890

Gerry Waters 07866 035223

Chris Sturgess 07971 699392

Laura Thomson 07789 270554





Gavin O’Connor 07775 823518


Karen Buchanan 07990 564734

Northern Ireland

Deborah Lowe 07789 500157


Please Email

[email protected]