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Service Records and Medals

If you are searching for records of a campaign or service medal awarded to someone who fought with the British armed services prior to the Second World War, we suggest that you take a look at the National Archives page.

If you want to apply for a copy of your, or person who is deceased, service records, please follow the link below.

Request Military Service Records

Recruitment Issues

Any information on British Army recruitment, basic entry requirements and how to apply can be found on the Army Careers page.

Complaints about Service Personnel

Where allegations or complaints are made about the behaviour of individuals who can be identified as serving British Army personnel, the information is sent to the relevant chain of command. They will then make a decision as to whether an offence has been committed under the Armed Forces Act.

If you think that a member of the MOD has committed an offence or a crime, you can contact the Army via  the MOD confidential hotline, the MOD’s central reporting unit.

MOD Confidential Hotline

Service Complaints

If you are writing to complain about how you have been treated whilst serving in the Army, you will need to forward your complaint to the Army Service Complaints Secretariat. 

Armed Forces Service Complaints Process

Contacting Personnel

Unfortunately, due to the constraints under the Data Protection Act, we are unable to provide you with contact details of service personnel or veterans.

Community Engagement - Open Days and Work Experience

Any general enquiries on community engagement and/or the Army’s representation on Open Days can be directed at RC-OpsEngt-CE (This does not include engineering tasks)

For advice on placements and/or work experience, please get in touch with RG-NRC Outreach Admin (MULTIUSER) [email protected]

Death and Funerals

If an ex member of the British Army has passed, the British Legion or the respective Regimental Association may be able to send a representative to the funeral.

British Legion


If you believe that somebody is posing as an Army Service Person, trying to fraudulently obtain money from you, we would strongly advise you to cease communication, to not send any money/gift cards and to contact Action Fraud, the UK's national reporting centre for fraud and cyber-crime. Action Fraud provides a fraud-reporting and advice centre, where people can report fraud, attempted fraud and scam emails. The information is forwarded to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, where it is analysed. If common links between cases are found, the evidence may be used as part of a law enforcement investigation. You may also want to contact the Police.

Action Fraud

Marketing and Sales

The MOD has a central platform for members of the public to submit ideas for innovations to the UK’s defence capabilities, known as the Defence and Security Accelerator. Please follow the link below to learn more about this initiative, and/or to submit your proposal.

Defence and Security Accelerator