British Army Review

British Army Review

The British Army Review is intended to provide a forum for the discussion of all matters of professional interest to the soldier. Articles are invited from all ranks and from others having a special knowledge of or interest in military affairs. 

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Latest Edition

BAR 175 - Summer 2019

This edition of the British Army Review (BAR) has been designed to supplement the RUSI Land Warfare Conference, focusing on 'Securing Competitive Advantage.'

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Special Reports

BAR Report The Malayan Emergency

BAR Special Reports cover specific themes, campaigns, battles and much more. The material for most of the reports comes from the archives of British Army Review. The knowledge within these pages is priceless.

The latest edition is The Malyan Emergency. Previous editions include:

  • Two volumes on Urban Ops
  • Two Volumes on Russia/USSR

BAR Report Malayan Emergency.pdf

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The Centre for Historical Analysis and Conflict Research (CHACR) is the parent organisation for BAR. As a thinktank it is designed to challenge conventional thinking and inform strategic decision-making.

Here you will find events, interviews, publications and much more.

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Lessons of the Western Front