The British Army in Belize

The British Army has maintained a presence in Belize since its independence. Currently the British Army Training Support Unit in Belize enables close country and tropical environment training to troops from the UK and international partners.


Training Support Unit

The British Army Training Support Unit Belize (BATSUB) is manned by 12 permanent staff and employs more than 100 local civilians.

The Unit carries out up to five dismounted close combat exercises per year, of varying size, as well as hosting the final exercise of the notoriously tough British Army Platoon Commander’s Battle Course, which runs three times a year.

A number of UK and Belize international partners conduct training in Belize. BATSUB is based in Price Barracks, which is also home to the Belize Defence Force.


Challenging environment

Belize provides challenging terrain and an austere environment giving the British Army a world-class training environment.

It is used to teach our soldiers how to survive, live and fight in the jungle environment.

Soldiers learn skills in the jungle that are transferable to other environments and the training, though often gruelling, sets them up for success on future operations.