Army Engagement Group

Meet the Army

What is the Army Engagement Group?

The Army Engagement Group (AEG) tours the country engaging with a wide variety of people to give them a greater understanding of the British Army; who we are, what we do and how we contribute to society. The AEG has four teams that can offer various multi-media presentations
and activities, before giving people the chance to meet and talk to some of our soldiers.

What is the presentation?

Our presentation lasts approximately 30 minutes during which time we look at why we have an Army, what we are doing on the Nation’s behalf, how we train and develop our soldiers, how we are structured and what we are doing to ensure success both today and in the future.

The presentation includes video footage of soldiers in training, on operations and the equipment we use, as well as hearing from people throughout the Army community, both soldiers and their families.

Can you ask questions?

Following our presentation we have a question and answer session where audience members can ask us anything about the Army or Army policy.

There is also plenty of opportunity to talk to members of the team informally.

Where do we present?

In short - anywhere.

Our presentations take place in a wide variety of settings, from evening presentations, where invited guests from the community are hosted by local members of the Army, through to presentations given in council chambers, your place of work or a community group.

Is there a cost?

There is no charge for our presentations or activities and we come with all our own equipment. We just request that you provide a suitable venue and audience.

How to book?

Requests for any of the Army Engagement Group’s teams can be made by emailing [email protected].

Contact us

If you have a question, would like to book a presentation or a briefing give us a call, email or write to us.

Telephone: 01276 412880

Email: [email protected]

Army Engagement Team
The Cottages, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
Surrey GU15 4PQ



Delivers the Army’s flagship multi-media presentation to invited guests from a local community.

Each 45-minute presentation is followed by a question and answer session and a reception where you can meet soldiers and ask questions in a more informal setting.

Guests are hosted by local members of the Army and presentations are held throughout the year.

Please contact [email protected] to find out about the next presentation in your area.



The Army Business and Communities Engagement Team delivers a more focused version of our flagship presentation to bespoke audiences.

The team delivers a 30-minute presentation followed by a question and answer session and can do so virtually or at your location. They can also deliver team-building tasks in support of professional development days.

They speak to a wide range of audiences and any opportunity is considered, whether you are an employer, represent a community or network, or are arranging speakers for a larger conference or networking event.



The Army Youth Outreach Team encourages young people to maximise their potential and challenge stereotypes.

Working with schools, youth groups, communities and charitable organisations, the team delivers an interactive presentation which explores opportunities available in the Army and highlights the emphasis we place on personal development.

The team also delivers various fun, practical activities which aim to develop communication skills, foster teamwork and grow self-confidence.


The Army STEM Youth Engagement Team

The Army STEM Youth Engagement Team are drawn from the technical branches of the British Army to promote and encourage STEM within Schools and other educational and youth organisations.

They deliver engaging physical and virtual workshops across the United Kingdom to help inspire the next generation of STEM experts. For more information and bookings, please visit


The Army Diversity Engagement Team

The Army Diversity Engagement Team engage and inform mixed audiences and communities, delivering their 'Strength in Diversity' presentation, showcasing the Army as a fully inclusive employer.

They tackle popular misconceptions and highlight the importance we place on equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of gender, race, sexuality, ethnicity or faith.

The Team can also support other activities such as panel events, networking, community support or diversity seminars. Additional bespoke activity can also be discussed.