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Initial Training

In the Army, your training starts from day one – and it continues until the day you leave. Our training and development techniques have been honed over decades to help our people operate at peak performance, not just physically, but mentally too. It’s this relentless pursuit of perfection that makes the British Army the best in the world.

Training to be a Soldier

Initial training (also known as Phase One or basic training) is where you'll learn to become a soldier. You'll be taught about what it means to be a soldier and how the Army works as well as learning survival and fieldcraft skills, first aid, and how to use a rifle. Plus you'll work on your health and fitness levels. At the end you'll pass out with your friends in front of your family.

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More about Soldier Training

Training to be an Officer

Army officers are people who have ambitious goals. Whatever your background when you arrive, you'll all go on to have one thing in common: you will all receive the best leadership and management training in the world at Sandhurst.

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  • The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst 
  • Exercise Dynamic Victory 
  • What happens after Sandhurst 

Training at Sandhurst