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The British Army in Africa

Outside the UK, the largest number of UK Armed Forces deployments are currently training or on operations in Africa. The UK has deployed many short-term military training teams to help build the capacity of national military forces, ensuring a number of states across Africa can respond appropriately and proportionally to the security threats they face, including terrorism, the illegal wildlife trade, violations of human rights and emerging humanitarian crises.

British Army in Africa - Supports Security


By continuing support for developing countries in Africa by supporting their people and helping them improve their security and overcome the threats, our Armed Forces help make the world a more stable and they help keep our country safe and secure.

Tackling terrorism

The UK is helping to build the capacity of partner nations, both those directly affected by security threats and those able to play a leadership role in the continent to strengthen stability.

Humanitarian assistance

We are reinforcing the ability of international and regional organisations to deal with crises on the continent through the UK’s military deployments to train troops on AU and UN operations and increased support to UN peacekeeping and the prevention of piracy.


Peacekeeping in Africa

The UK is supporting UN peacekeeping missions in Africa with deployments to South Sudan, Somalia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Mali. Our contributions to UN missions, demonstrates the UK’s global commitment to peacekeeping.

Illegal wildlife trade

Our troops are conducting tracker training in the continent, increasing the capabilities of local park rangers to protect elephants from poachers in the illegal wildlife trade


British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK)

BATUK is a permanent training support unit based mainly in Nanyuki, 200 km north of Nairobi, but with a small element in Nairobi. BATUK provides demanding training to exercising units preparing to deploy on operations or assume high-readiness tasks. BATUK consists of around 100 permanent staff and reinforcing short tour cohort of another 280 personnel.

Under an agreement with the Kenyan Government, up to six infantry battalions per year carry out eight-week exercises in Kenya.

There are also Royal Engineer exercises, which carry out civil engineering projects, and medical deployments, which provide primary health care assistance to the civilian community.


Support in Africa