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What is Boxer?

Boxer is set to become the new British Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV), an eight-by-eight-wheeled, all-terrain, armoured transport vehicle. 

Its unique module design consists of a drive module and a mission module. it can be rapidly adapted to suit various military missions, roles and scenarios across many theatres of operations globally. 

In November 2019 523 Boxer vehicles were ordered in four build configurations, covering eleven different roles. Following the Integrated Review, a further 100 of these vehicles have subsequently been approved and contracted for TBD.

What does Boxer do?

The purpose of Boxer is to rapidly transport soldiers, to and around the battlefield, enabling them to conduct their special-to-arm roles.

Initially, the Army will buy a troop-carrying variant, an ambulance, a command vehicle and a specialist carrier.

Cutting-edge threat detection technology includes 360-degree high-definition long-range cameras attached to the outside of the vehicle, these can scan for enemy threats even when moving at speed. The cameras alert the soldiers inside the Boxer through a digital display. This is so that they can keep a permanent watch outside whilst remain safely inside the vehicle.

The Boxer is also fitted with air conditioning so it can operate in extreme temperatures and a nuclear biological and chemical (NBC) protection system to counter threats.

How is it designed?

Boxer has the ability to be rapidly reconfigured. This means that through its life, its capabilities can evolve. 

Ensuring that Boxer has sufficient size, weight and power for future requirements will help identify capabilities that may need to be integrated.

This is called Installation Provision Made in Design and in the case of MIV / BOXER, they identified the future requirement to fit an Active Protection System.

Ensuring the mission system architecture (also called the electronic architecture) has been designed correctly from the beginning.

Work is ongoing to ensure that this approach is as compatible as it can be with other Services and allies.

Modularity and continuous upgrades are key parts of the proposed Land Industrial Strategy.

The initially produced Boxers will be manufactured in Germany by Krauss-Maffai Wegmann & Rheinmetall. The 

UK-produced Boxers will come from WFEL & Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land. This will tie in with the UK Supply Chain where sub-contracts have been placed with Rolls-Royce, Thales, Aeroglow, Santasalo David Brown, MilDef and Horstman; this list continues to grow.

Who will use it?

Boxer will primarily be delivered to battalions within the Armoured Brigade Combat Teams.

It will also be delivered to:

  • Close Support Artillery
  • Close Support Engineers
  • Armoured Signals
  • Electronic Warfare (including Cyber)
  • Short Range Air Defence
  • Mini Uncrewed Aerial Systems
  • Close Support REME
  • Medical, Surveillance and Target Acquisition (STA)




7.9 metres



2.37 metres



2.99 metres



Rolls Royce MTU 8V 199 TE21



103 km/h (64 mph)



1,100 km (684 miles)