School of Infantry

Infantry Battle School

Infantry Battle School, Brecon

The Infantry Battle School (IBS) in Brecon, Mid-Wales is part of the School of Infantry. It delivers trained officers and soldiers to meet the operational requirements of the Infantry, the Army and Defence.


Infantrymen on operations do extraordinary things in difficult and dangerous circumstances. The commanders that lead them are all trained at IBS, and the training they undertake is linked to current operations.

Training for high-intensity, light-role war fighting is the way soldiers and officers are prepared for any operational situation they may face – conventional war, counter insurgency, security sector reform, peacekeeping or supporting civil authorities.

IBS delivers competent and confident commanders for the Field Army by running command and leadership training, infantry tactics training, weapons training, and live firing range qualifications. It also provides specialist training teams to assist foreign forces in their development, and allocates some places on courses to overseas students.

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Courses run at IBS

  • All Arms Live Firing Tactical Training Course
  • All Arms NCO Skill At Arms Instructor Course
  • Basic Tactics Course
  • Dismounted Close Combat Trainer
  • Infantry Warrant Officers’ Course
  • Platoon Commanders’ Battle Course
  • Platoon Sergeants’ Battle Course
  • Platoon Tactics Course
  • SAS Infantry Skills Course
  • Section Commanders’ Battle Course