Phase 2/3


11th (Royal School of Signals) Signal Regiment

11th (Royal School of Signals) Signal Regiment is based in Blandford Camp near Dorset and is the home of the Royal Signals. 11 (RSS) Sig Regt is the training unit for all Royal Signals Phase 2 and Phase 3 soldiers who to undergo their trade training. Phase 2 soldiers will learn one of the six Corps trades within the Royal Signals – and will be taught to drive if they cannot already.


Trade Training

On arrival at Blandford Camp everyone attends a week-long induction course. The course is designed to:

  • Orientate you to life at 11 (RSS) Sig Regt
  • Carry out essential administration
  • Set the required standards which you are expected to meet at Blandford and throughout the rest of your military career

Throughout your course periods of physical training are programmed in. Sports afternoons are programmed for every Wednesday afternoon, allowing you to participate in one of the many sports clubs the Garrison has to offer.


Military Training

As a trainee soldier, military skills learnt in basic training are revised and refreshed during troop training, run by the duty of care troops. Each week activities such as patrolling, section attacks and casualty evacuations are revised.

Weekend exercises such Harrogate Folly or Catterick Culmination allow soldiers to practise these skills away from Blandford Camp in specialist training environments.

Each trainee must complete Basic Close Combat Skills (BCCS) before leaving the Regiment which hones in on individual basic soldier skills ensuring they are of a high level before leaving the Regiment.

Those soldiers lucky enough to be promoted at the end of their course will also have to complete a PNCO course.