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Defence School of Communications Information Systems (DSCIS)

The Defence School of Communications Information Systems (DSCIS) is part of the Defence College of Technical Training, which is located at MOD Lyneham in Wiltshire. It is responsible for delivering technical training to Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and Officers from all three Services.

DSCIS has a mission to train and educate information and communications engineers, technicians and operators in order to meet the requirements of Defence and needs of trainees now and into the future. 

The School consists of two separate units of which 11th (Royal School of Signals) Signal Regiment, located in Blandford Forum Dorset, provides technical training for all Royal Signals Soldiers. 


Induction Course

On arrival at Blandford Camp everyone attends a week-long induction course. The course is designed to:

  • Orientate you to life at 11 Signal Regiment and identify the welfare assets available to you. 
  • Carry out essential administration in preparation for your technical training.
  • Confirm the required standards which you are expected to meet at Blandford and throughout the rest of your military career.

Upon completion of this course you will then commence your technical training


Technical Training

After your induction training you will move on to completing the training relevant to your trade group. This will be conducted through classroom-based and practical training sessions, involving modern equipment that you will utilise once you leave for your first posting in the Field Army. This training will provide you background knowledge and the theory which you will put into practice on exercise to prove your level of expertise. 

Each trade group undertakes its own specialised training specific to that individual role and as such the length of your time spent with 11 Signal Regiment will vary, ranging from a few weeks up to a year. 

The majority of our technical training is accredited to civilian standards and you will begin your journey of professional development from the moment you start your course. 

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Military Training

As a trainee soldier, military skills learnt in basic training are revised and refreshed during troop training, which runs throughout your time with the Regiment. Each week activities such as patrolling, section attacks and casualty evacuations are revised. 

Weekend exercises, such as Catterick Culmination, allow soldiers to practice these skills away from Blandford Camp in specialist training environments, whilst the Golden's Cup encourages excellence through and Inter-Troop Competition that sees soldiers compete in numerous military tasks in small teams in a bid to win the trophy. 

Each trainee must complete Basic Close Combat Skills (BCCS) at the end of their course, which develops individual basic soldier skills, ensuring that they are of a high level before leaving the Regiment. 

Those soldiers lucky enough to be promoted at the end of their course will also have to complete a PNCO course, demonstrating their capability to lead. 



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