Phase 2/3

14 Regiment RA

The RA's Training Support Regiment

Soldiers at the regiment are all encouraged to conduct personal development activity. Whilst here they can work on accreditation which is simply mapped across to civilian qualifications. We are excellently supported by the Royal Artillery Centre for Personal Development (RACPD) and the chain of command make considerable efforts to ensure that individuals are afforded the time to complete these course.



The regiment consists of 3 batteries with separate training roles:

1st Battery RA "The Blazers" (Training Support) - There are three sections, weapons troop, precision fires, air defence and ground based ISTAR.

24 (Irish) Battery RA (Phase 2 training for soldiers) - The battery supply the Field Army with professionally trained individuals who are immediately employable.

34 (Seringapatam) Battery RA (Training Support) - The firing battery of 14 Regiment, supporting courses run by the Royal School of Artillery as well as training conducted by the wider Army.