Artillery Training

Royal School of Artillery

The Royal School of Artillery

The Royal School of Artillery (RSA), is an international Centre of Excellence for Artillery Training. The staff is made up of highly qualified instructors from the Royal Artillery (RA), several overseas artillery instructors and Civil Servants.

The RSA, is an Operations Group within the Land Warfare Centre, which in turn sits under Commander Field Army. 

The RSA delivers centralised Initial Trade Training (ITT) and Subsequent Trade Training (STT) to the RA. RSA sits within Larkhill Garrison in the South West of England near the city of Salisbury. The RA delivers an extremely wide range of capabilities to the modern battlefield. In order to deliver ITT and STT training to meet current RA requirements, the RSA delivers training to some 4,000 students (Regular and Reserve) per year.


Induction Training

On arrival at The Royal School of Artillery, everyone attends a week-long induction course. The course is designed to:

  • Orientate you to life at RSA and identify the welfare assets available to you. 
  • Carry out essential administration in preparation for your technical training.
  • Confirm the required standards which you are expected to meet at RSA and throughout your military career.
  • Upon completion of this course you will then commence your Career training

Career Training

After your induction training you will move on to completing the training relevant to your trade group. This will be conducted through classroom-based and practical training sessions, involving modern equipment that you will utilise once you leave for your first posting in the Field Army. This training will provide you background knowledge and the theory which you will put into practice on exercise to prove your level of expertise. 

Each trade group undertakes its own specialised training specific to that individual role and as such the length of your time spent with RSA will vary.


Military Training

Whilst the main aim of being at RSA is to conduct trade training, for each individual to become qualified as an Artillery soldier, it is also essential that Artillery soldiers maintain and improve the military skills learnt during Phase 1 basic training.

The Mandatory Annual Training Tests (MATTs) are a set of training activities that have to be completed annually by every soldier and officer in the Army. 

Every soldier is required to pass a course of Basic Close Combat Skills (BCCS) which builds upon the field skills that were taught during Phase 1 training. 



The history of the Royal School of Artillery

  • 1897 There has been a Military presence in Larkhill since 1897 when the War Office purchased several thousand acres of Salisbury Plain. This land was to be used by the Army – principally the Artillery.
  • 1899 The first practice of firing took place.
  • 1915 The School of Instruction for Royal Horse and Royal Field Artillery was established.
  • 1920 Several smaller schools were combined to form a new joint school at Larkhill.
  • 1971 – The school received the accolade ‘Royal’ during a visit from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to Larkhill.
  • 2007 Larkhill became the regimental home of the Royal Artillery. 
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RSA Defence Engagement

The Army is mandated by Defence Strategic Direction to conduct a range of international activities in support of current and future operations, to develop inter-operability with allies and partners and support wider government and defence international security co-operation objectives.

The Royal School of Artillery, welcomes the opportunity to train alongside our international partners, further enhancing our status as an international training centre. British Artillery course continue to reflect the changes and developments in NATO and British Army Military Tactics and Doctrine, including lessons identified in recent Operations.