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The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) is where all officers in the British Army are trained to take on the responsibility of leading their soldiers. During training, all officer cadets learn to live by the academy’s motto:

‘Serve to Lead’

Other Nations choose to send their personnel to RMAS for Officer training because it is recognised as a world-leading military training academy.

About us

Army Officer Selection Board

The Army Officer Selection Board (AOSB) is the interview process through which you are selected to train at Sandhurst.

Applying to AOSB does not commit you to joining the British Army.

AOSB takes place in Westbury near Warminster. They are part of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Group and the two organisations work closely together to develop the process of selecting suitable individuals to train at Sandhurst. 

You can find out more about AOSB on this page Army Jobs website.

Officer Training

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst is the home of the British Army Officer. 

Training at the Academy is challenging but ultimately rewarding. You will leave knowing you've excelled at one of the world's most revered military training academies.

There are several different types of Officer training that are delivered at Sandhurst.

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Junior Staff Centre

The JSC is based in Warminster. It Delivers tactical command and staff education to officers in Career Stage 1  and prepare them for future employment.  

Junior Officers' Tactical  Awareness Course (JOTAC)

Four-week-long fully residential course  The course is to be attended by all Direct Entry Lieutenants as a pre-requisite for promotion to substantive Captain.  

Junior Command and Staff Course

Fully residential six-week-long course

Community Engagement

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst provides a range of excellent leadership training opportunities available to the public.

From inviting school students in for a STEM Careers Event to hosting a conference on Leading Successfully Through Change.

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Academic study is an integral part in developing effective and professional military leaders.

The courses provided by the Faculty for the study of Leadership, Security, and Warfare (LSW) Departments are purposely designed to develop an officer’s understanding and analysis of the human, operational and strategic context in which they will work.

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International Engagement

Sandhurst delivers a variety of leadership development training to a wide number of countries across the globe.  

From international cadets attending the 44-week commissioning course to academics delivering training in-country.

International Engagement

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University students

Sandhurst also offers a part-time leadership programme for those studying at university. Gain an insight into Army life, from military exercises to skiing expeditions. 

You get paid for your time and it does not commit you to join the Army after university.


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Sandhurst Trust

We have a strong Alumni, who regularly attend reunions and events at Sandhurst.

To become part of the Alumni, Officer Cadets can join the Sandhurst Trust, either during or after their training.

Sandhurst Trust

Preparing for the Challenge

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If you are sending post to an Officer Cadet, make sure you include their regimental number, full name and company above the address.