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Sandhurst Trust

A world-renowned organisation

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst is one of the finest training institutions in the world. The Sandhurst Trust is a charitable organisation whose focus is on supporting the Academy and the serving and retired Army Officer community. 

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Who can join?

  • Those who have commissioned/graduated from RMAS.
  • Those who served at commissioned rank in the British Army (Regular, TA, Reserve, ACF/CCF) regardless of entry method (e.g Mons).
  • Those who have served on the staff of RMAS (military or civilian).
  • Permanent staff of UOTCs

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What they do

  • Provide Welfare Grants
  • Provide grants for Leadership Training, Adventurous Training and Sports Equipment
  • Produce the Wish Stream magazine and Tradition of Leadership book

The Sandhurst Medal

The Sandhurst Medal was introduced in 2016 to recognise the extraordinary achievement of those International Students who successfully complete the Commissioning Course at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

The recipients of the Sandhurst Medal join an esteemed list of over 4,800 International Alumni from over 120 different countries. Recipients also receive open membership of the Sandhurst Trust which enables them to keep in touch with the Academy and the friends they made whilst on the course.

Sandhurst Medal

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