Reserve Basic Training

ATR Grantham

Army Training Regiment Grantham

Army Training Regiment Grantham is located in Lincolnshire and is the British Army’s key location for training the Army Reserve Phase 1 recruits.



ATR Grantham is the British Army’s primary location for providing the Army Reserve Phase 1 Mod3 courses. It also provides the pre-cursor Foundation weekend and Mod 2 courses in both the modular and consolidated variant. On all courses you will be instructed by first class Junior Non-Commissioned Officers, Senior Non-Commissioned Officers, Warrant Officers and Officers.

Basic training is designed to teach everything an Army Reserve recruit needs to know to become an effective soldier and fulfil their role within the Army Reserve – from military terminology, drill and how to wear uniform, to physical fitness, weapon handling, first aid, field craft and map reading.

The course is intense, challenging and enjoyable. It concludes – for those who pass – with a prestigious Passing Off Parade in front of family, friends, and unit representatives.


What you'll learn

Those coming to ATR Grantham will be taught and trained on a variety of military aspects.

  • Fieldcraft
  • Skill at Arms
  • Fitness training
  • Qualities of a soldier
  • Military knowledge
  • Battlefield casualty drills
  • Individual health
  • Education

Foundation Weekend

Recruits begin their Phase 1 training with a Foundation weekend designed to introduce them to basic military skills.

They will receive lessons in Drill, Mental Resilience, Field Craft, Military Law and equipment care, and will be introduced to the SA80 rifle. They will also receive an introduction into the Distance Learning and the 8-week physical development pathway that they must complete prior to Mod 3.

You will be provided with full uniform and equipment before you commence this training. You will also receive full details of where you need to be, and when before you attend. Your parent Army Reserve unit will provide transport for you to and from your selected Army Reserve Centre to the nominated training establishment for all training.

Mod 2

Reserve Recruits complete a Mod 2 course of four training weekends over an 8-week period (excluding public holidays) at appointed Army Training Units around the country and usually local to their home and selected Army Reserve unit. 

Alternatively, if employment or personal circumstances allow, Army Reserve Recruits can complete this part of the training in a single 7-day consolidated period. The instruction at ATR(G) is delivered by fully qualified Army Regular and Reserve Instructors.

During the Mod 2 course you will complete your weapon handling test and progress onto live firing. You will also spend a day in the field conducting non-tactical fieldcraft training. In addition, you will start your physical development, receive further drill instruction as well as practical map reading lessons. 


Mod 3 Battle Camp

Following completion of Mod 2 comes the 15-day Mod 3 in which Recruits are trained and mentored by expert Regular Army staff. This is a consolidation and continuation of the training undertaken during Foundation and Mod 2 with more training on subjects already covered, and further military topics also introduced. You will also deploy into the field on a Field Training Exercise during this phase.

Basic training is designed to teach everything an Army Reserve Recruit will need to know to become an effective soldier and fulfil their role within the Army Reserve. It concludes - for those who pass - with a prestigious passing-off parade in front of family, friends and unit representatives on the last Saturday of the course.

Phase 1 instructors are of the highest calibre and have been selected and trained to the highest standard specifically for this role. Their primary task is to lead Recruits through the training and assist them with passing all aspects of the course.

Attendees on the course must be prepared to work hard - but they are not tested on anything that is not taught.

As with attendance Foundation and Mod 2, recruits will be notified of which training establishment they are to attend for Mod 3 with full dates provided, and full detail of what kit and equipment must be brought. As with Foundation and Mod 2 it is usual that your selected Army Reserve unit will deliver and indeed collect you from the training once complete.

Distance Learning

In between your residential training you will be expected to complete Distance Learning in a variety of subjects and this is hosted on the Defence Gateway. 

This training is either completed via MS TEAMS and delivered by a specialist instructor or in your own time as self-study. 

You must ensure that this training is completed prior to either Mod 2 or Mod 3 and you will be briefed on the detail during your Foundation weekend. In addition, your Physical Development Pathway must be completed between Mod 2 and Mod 3.