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Basic Training

ITC Catterick

Infantry Training Centre Catterick

The Infantry Training Centre Catterick (ITC Catterick) trains all the Army’s Infanteers and Royal Armoured Corps Troops.


Common Military Syllabus Future Soldier and Combat Infantry Course

The Common Military Syllabus Future Soldier (CMS FS) is the Basic Training for all Infanteers and Royal Armoured Corps Troops. The course aims to build character, mental and physical resilience, basic military skills as well as instilling the Army’s core values and standards. 

Initial Trade Training - ITC Catterick runs four versions of the Combat Infantry Course: Line Infantry, Foot Guards, PARAs, Gurkha.

The Combat Infantry Course builds up skills and fitness at a gradual pace. This involves learning individual skills first, followed by Section and then Platoon skills, ending with an assessment in all subjects of which you have to be able to pass.

During training, recruits are taught the importance of discipline, integrity, loyalty and respect for others. They learn that being a soldier is about putting others first and having the courage to know the right thing to do in any given situation.

The Foot Guards and PARAs course takes 2 weeks longer than the Line Infantry version.


What you'll cover

  • Personal administration
  • Weapons training
  • Drill
  • Fieldcraft
  • Fitness
  • Teamwork

The Passing Out Parade at the end of the course is often one of the proudest moments in a soldier's life. But even then, the challenge will be only just be beginning. 


Gurkha training

Gurkha Company at ITC Catterick is part of the 2nd Infantry Training Battalion. Its mission is to mould Nepalese youths into trained soldiers who will live up to the traditions of the Brigade of Gurkhas.

The Combat Infantry Course addresses a range of areas; Brigade ethos, language training, cultural training, career management and trade selection, as well as the same 26-week Combat Infantry Course that the Line Infantry receive.

Gurkha training lasts for 37 weeks.