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Defence CBRN Centre

Defence Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Centre

The Defence Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear Centre (DCBRNC) designs and runs courses that qualify individuals of all 3 services for operational, training and staff CBRN defence appointments.

DCBRNC is located at Winterbourne Gunner, about 5 km north-east of Salisbury, Wiltshire, on the southern edge of Salisbury Plain.

Technical Support Group

The DCBRNC Technical Support Group (TSG) provides important external training and trials functions.


The TSG External Training Team (ETT) provides TRI-SERVICE support with CBRN defence training, assessing collective CBRN defence training at unit level and above. The ETT mission is to facilitate CBRN defence proficiency in units by providing external CBRN technical support through all phases of the training cycle. This can be delivered in bespoke task-specific training packages, including in overseas locations. The TSG has a major role in the role out of the GSR across defence, providing train the trainer instruction at unit locations, and conducting validation checks on the subsequent cascade training.

The trials component of TSG contributes to the development of joint service CBRN defence equipment and procedures, supporting the CBRN Delivery Team and contractors. Members of the TSG are qualified in all aspects of CBRN defence, from CBRN instructor through to cell controller and defence advisor, enabling them to resolve issues associated with incorporating CBRN defence into unit training.



The Defence CBRN School is the instructional element of the DCBRNC. Its mission is to deliver the UK’s tri-service CBRN Defence Training for Operations on land.


Joint CBRN Medical Faculty

DCBRNC is the home of the Joint CBRN Medical Faculty. The centre also provides CBRN medical training to all medical officers in the UK armed services as well as specialist medical training to UK and NATO/allied nations.


As well as military training, DCBRNC also supports civilian response in partnership with the Health Protection Agency and Department of Health.

The medical training at DCBRNC uses blended learning including interactive presentations, table top exercises, collective training and simulation. The centre now has a dedicated medical training area for pre-hospital training as well as high-fidelity hospital training using the SimMan3G dedicated to CBRN medical management.

The Joint CBRN medical faculty supports development of the medical response to a CBRN incident and the management of CBRN casualties. It is a cross-government group with the remit under the surgeon general to develop CBRN clinical guidance, medical training and research.