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Junior Entry Basic Training

AFC Harrogate

Army Foundation College Harrogate

The Army Foundation College is the only Junior Entry Basic Training establishment in the British Army. The College plays a vital role in providing the basic military training and developing future leadership. It offers a mix of military training, personal development, and education for under 19s that provides them skills to succeed in the Armed Forces, and their lives beyond the military.

A look inside AFC Harrogate



A high percentage of Non Commissioned Officers and Warrant Officers in the British Army have conducted Junior Entry training. The College aims to create a well-rounded Junior Soldier - physically, conceptually and morally. The delivery of training is conducted in accordance with a carefully synchronised College programme and is aimed to be progressive and provide variety. There is a balance between classroom, camp and field training. Two courses are delivered at the College; Junior Entry (Long) and Junior Entry (Short).

The College receives two intakes a year in September and March. The graduation of the Junior Soldiers is marked by two very large parades each year in February and August which attract large members of family and VIPs.

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What you'll learn

Those coming to AFC Harrogate will be taught and trained on a variety of military aspects.

  • Fieldcraft
  • Skill at Arms
  • Fitness training
  • Qualities of a soldier
  • Military knowledge
  • Battlefield casualty drills
  • Individual health
  • Education

49-week course

A 49-week course (including eight weeks holiday) for those joining the infantry, Royal Armoured Corps/Household Cavalry, Royal Artillery and some Royal Logistic Corps roles.

23-week course

A 23-week course (including three weeks holiday) for those joining courses with longer Phase 2 training – these are Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Royal Engineers, Royal Signals, Adjutant General’s Corps, Royal Army Medical Corps, Army Air Corps and some Royal Logistic Corps roles.