Centre for Army Leadership

The world’s premier centre for army leadership

The British Army demands the highest standards of leadership; leadership of and by our people. It is a core function of our institution and a fundamental component of fighting power. Our leadership philosophy is values-based and is motivated not by self-interest but in the service of others.

The Centre For Army Leadership (CAL) exists to champion Army leadership excellence in order to optimise the Army’s edge and underpin operational success.

The CAL is the guardian of the Army Leadership Doctrine, the codification of our philosophy. We act as the Army’s leadership conscience, calibrating our thinking across multiple sectors and, through the CAL Research Institute, ensuring conceptual rigour. Furthermore, our persistent engagement seeks to stimulate debate, awareness and critical thinking.

We are a small but dedicated team of theorists and practitioners, supported by advocates across the Army who share our passion for leader and leadership development. We are committed to the betterment of the Whole Army – all ranks, Regular and Reserve, through-life – and, altruistically, wider society. 

Leadership Essay Competition 2023

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Our Role

  • Act as guardian to the British Army’s Leadership Doctrine.
  • Act as a focus and library for the British Army’s academic leadership papers.
  • Provide leadership presentations and speakers to military and civilian audiences.
  • Organise Army leadership conferences and events.

As part of our mission to improve leadership in the Army and keep it at the forefront of leadership thinking, our events and publications stimulate debate and discussion about leadership amongst all ranks of the Army.