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Centre for Army Leadership

The UK’s Centre of Excellence and Professional Standards Authority for Army Leadership and Leader Development

The British Army requires the highest standards of leadership. It is a core function of our institution and a fundamental component of fighting power. Our leadership philosophy is values-based, motivated not by self-interest but in the service of others.

The Centre For Army Leadership exists to champion leadership excellence and to optimise the Army’s human 'edge' that underpins operational success. We support the development of exceptional leaders not just for the British Army, but for the whole nation.

The CAL is the guardian of the Army’s Leadership Doctrine, the codification of our leadership experience and philosophy built over more than 300 years. We act as the Army’s leadership conscience, calibrate its thinking against multiple sectors and, through our Research Institute, ensures conceptual rigour. Furthermore, our persistent communication and engagement activity seeks to stimulate debate, awareness and
critical thinking.

Our team comprises of both theorists and practitioners, supported by advocates from across and beyond the Army who share our passion for leadership and leader development. We are committed to the betterment of every leader, across the whole force, at all ranks and grades, Regular or Reserve, through life, and, altruistically, wider society.

  • To develop Leadership as an organisational capability.
  • To champion the professionalisation of leadership.
  • To act as the custodians of Army Leadership Doctrine.
  • To act as the proponent of Army leadership excellence.
  • To promote and capture leadership conceptual thought and critical thinking.
  • To apply academic rigour to leadership publications, and organisational learning and development.
  • To communicate the Army Leadership Doctrine to all ranks of the British Army.
  • To develop and engage with a wider global network of leadership stakeholders.


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Meet the team

SO1 Leadership - Lieutenant Colonel Dean Canham OBE - Mercian Regiment

SO2 Leadership - Major David Love - Royal Military Police

SO3 Leadership - Captain Melissa Shephard - Honourable Artillery Company

Director of Research - Prof Lloyd Clark BA MA FRHS FRGS

Senior Researcher - Dr. Linda Risso

WO1 Leadership - Warrant Officer Class One David Chant - 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards

Digital Content Consultant - Warrant Officer Class One Mick Latter - Royal Anglian Regiment

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