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Basic Training

ATR Winchester

Army Training Regiment Winchester

The Army Training Regiment Winchester is located on the north west outskirts of Winchester in Hampshire. It delivers Basic Training over the duration of 14 weeks for Standard Entry recruits.

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Common Military Syllabus

ATR Winchester delivers the 14-week training course (known as the Common Military Syllabus) which is completed by all adult (age 17+) recruits when they join the Army.

The course is designed to develop the individual and team skills in a progressive manner, preparing recruits for their Initial Trade Training, where they learn the specific skills for their chosen Army trade.

Recruits will join one of the following Corps:

Royal Armoured Corps, Army Air Corps, Royal Regiment of Artillery, Corps of Royal Engineers, Royal Corps of Signals, Royal Logistics Corps, Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Adjutant General's Corps, Army Medical Services, Intelligence Corps.


What you'll learn

Those coming to ATR Winchester will be taught and trained on a variety of military aspects.

  • Fieldcraft
  • Skill at Arms
  • Fitness training
  • Qualities of a soldier
  • Military knowledge
  • Battlefield casualty drills
  • Individual health
  • Education

Weeks 1-7

Week 1: Attestation (a formal ceremony to join the British Army), kit issue, administration, values and standards training and Exercise Icebreaker – a night outside on exercise

Week 2: Weapons training, fitness training and drill

Week 3: Weapons training, fitness training, first aid and navigation

Week 4: Live firing, fitness training and first aid test

Week 5: Exercise First Step (Two nights in the field) and navigation test

Week 6: Live firing, Drill

Week 7: High wires confidence course, Exercise Halfway (Three nights in the field)

Weeks 8-14

Week 8: Navigation, fitness training, Exercise Valiant Spirit (Realities of War), Families day and long weekend

Week 9: Live firing assessments

Week 10: Soldier Development Week (Adventure training)

Week 11: Fieldcraft test day, ranges and Initial Trade Training visit

Week 12: Close Quarters Marksmanship, Chemical, Biological, Radiation & Nuclear (CBRN) training, Role Fitness Test (Basic Training)

Week 13: Exercise Final Fling, (5 days confirming all of the skills learned - plus fire, movement and map reading tests) 

Week 14: Arms drill in preparation for a prestigious Passing Out Parade in front of family, friends and Unit representatives

The quality of welfare and duty of care is outstanding. OFSTED Inspector

Independent Advisory Panel (IAP)

The panel provides an independent source of advice, encouragement and support. It exchanges information, provides feedback and assists in identifying possible areas for improvement at ATR Winchester.

The IAP also acts as a route for external communication and promotes the Army’s reputation locally. Additionally, it acts as a source of feedback on local issues. 

The panel meets regularly and also undertakes individual activity visits.

IAP Report 2018