University Officers' Training Corps

East Midlands UOTC

East Midlands UOTC recruits from the University of Lincoln, De Montfort University, Nottingham Trent University, University of Nottingham, University Leicester, University of Loughborough and the University of Derby.


What we do

East Midlands UOTC provides training for students in higher education through military training, sport, adventurous training and social activities. Throughout your studies we offer 2-3 years of training that will improve your confidence, organisational skills, leadership ability, confidence, teamwork, communication skills and many more, that can be used either in the military or civilian life.

While there is no commitment to join the Army, we also offer a detailed and supportive pipeline for those students wanting to join the military as an officer, whether that be within the Regular or Reserve Army.


Military Training

Our dedicated training programme allows students to gain important civilian qualifications that appeal to all employers, both military and civilian. Our busy yearly schedule will allow you do develop during your time with us, starting with basic military skills in year one, more focused leadership training in year 2, and the opportunity to take on responsibility in year 3. Our military training prepares you for your officer selection process with designated staff to help and guide you through this journey.

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Sport and adventurous training

In addition to Military training, East Midlands UOTC offers some fantastic sporting and adventurous training events throughout each year. With teams in all major sports including rugby, athletics and hockey, we train and compete against other UOTC’s and military units.

We also run a number of adventurous training expeditions throughout the year in a variety of disciplines including skiing, parachuting, trekking, kayaking, sailing and mountain climbing to name a few.


Social activities

Our busy calendar is also filled with great social activities designed to enhance team cohesion and give you an insight into life inside the Officers Mess. Socials for all occasions including Christmas and Summer Balls, Regimental Dinners, Halloween and Easter. East Midlands UOTC has it all.

To join us, find our representatives at your Freshers Fair or contact us with the details below!