University Officers' Training Corps

City of Edinburgh UOTC

Not Your Average University Society

Our aim is to train the future generation of Officers for both the Regulars and the Reserves, however, there is no commitment to join after University. We are open for our new training year 2020/21 and welcome your application to join us.

 We recruit from all four of the City of Edinburgh Universities

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A Student Life Less Ordinary

The University Officer Training Corps (UOTC) is a non-deployable Type B Reserve organisation. It offers university students the opportunity to undertake Reserve Officer training modules over the course of three years. City of Edinburgh UOTC provides a standard of experience and training that is well respected within the Army, and highly sort after by numerous civilian employers.

When on duty, due to being part of the Army Reserve, cadets are paid for their time and devotion. It must be noted that university study is always a student’s priority, all training is designed to fit around your academic calendar. There is no obligation for a student who joins to then go on and serve in the Regular Army, or the Army Reserve.

There are plenty of opportunities for leadership development as well as cultural activities designed to challenge perceptions and generate camaraderie in order to generate an organisation based on the Army's exemplary values and standards. There are also plenty of social events.

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Adventurous Training


This year around 30 Officer Cadets had the opportunity to go to Bavaria to do rock climbing, kayaking, hill walking, alpine mountaineering and mountain biking. We also had a six-day trek across Corsica. Each Year we do trips around the UK and Europe giving our cadets the opportunity to try new activities and develop them further in existing ones. Through the CEUOTC adventure training program, we can take Officer Cadets from foundation level up to instructor.

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Pipes and Drums

The CEUOTC Pipes and Drums have recently returned from Australia where they performed in The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Sydney as part of the combined Scottish UOTC Pipes and Drums. This was a significant opportunity to perform in an internationally recognised event in front of thousands of spectators, especially as the band was just one of two British Army Bands within the massed pipes and drums; a great honour. Many of the band members have also performed in the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo at Edinburgh Castle.

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Sport is a big part of the CEUOTC. This past year, we have competed in CrossFit, rock climbing, cross country running, hockey, football, orienteering and even Scottish Country Dancing. Every year we compete in the Northern Lights Competition against the other Celtic UOTCs in a whole array of sports and military competitions. Last year we also had two Officer Cadets go to Pakistan to compete for the Sandhurst horse riding team. Sports in the UOTC are open to Officer Cadets of any ability, so, whether one is super competitive or simply super keen, everyone is encouraged to get involved.


Interested in joining us?

If you would like the team to contact you with more information about joining our UOTC please fill in the form on the link below.

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Please email us if you have any questions or would like to enquire about joining CEUOTC. You can alternatively submit this form if you are keen to be contacted for the Next Steps.