University Officers' Training Corps

Queen's UOTC


Queen’s UOTC recruit from all tertiary education across Northern Ireland.

We recruit all year round but get in touch now to visit us at Tyrone House, Belfast.

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The University Officer Training Corps (UOTC) is a non-deployable Type B Reserve organisation. It offers university students the opportunity to undertake Reserve Officer training modules over the course of three years. First founded in 1906, since then, the country’s various UOTCs have continually been providing a standard of experience and training that is well respected within the Army and highly sought after by employers.
When on duty, Cadets are paid for their time and devotion. It must be noted that university study is always a student’s priority; all training is designed to fit around your academic calendar and there is no obligation to go on and serve in the Reserve or Regular Army.

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In your first year as an Officer Cadet you can experience basic soldiering skills; ranging from the wearing of uniform correctly to conducting section attacks. As a second year Officer Cadet the focus will be on leadership training; learning how to manage soldiers, equipment and understand the battlefield.  Learn how to develop a plan and subsequently deliver, then execute a set of orders to a Platoon.
Year three provides Officer Cadets with the opportunity to take up leadership positions within the UOTC. Some cadets may use this year to go forward for Officer selection if they wish, either for the Regular Army or Army Reserve at the Army Officer Selection Board.

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Queen’s UOTC offers a wealth of opportunities in Sport and Adventurous Training. We have teams for all the major sports and compete against the other UOTCs around the UK for the much-coveted Queen’s Challenge Cup at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Officer Cadets can experience almost everything in the way of adventurous training and are supported and encouraged to lead their own expeditions. Like any other University Society, we also provide and hold regular social events. Highlights are always the Regimental Dinners, Cocktail Parties and less formal fun-filled fancy-dress parties.

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Offering the chance to make life-long friends, providing internationally renowned leadership training and offering a regular source of pay, Queen’s UOTC is a remarkable opportunity for young people seeking a student life less ordinary!
To join us or find out more, find our representatives at your Freshers' Fair or get in touch with us using the details below.  


3 steps to join

  1. Step 1

    Find us at a Fresher's fair or fill in an expression of interest form and come to an Opening Evening

  2. Step 2

    Attend the Medical

  3. Step 3

    Start training!

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