University Officers' Training Corps

Liverpool UOTC

Liverpool UOTC recruits from universities in Liverpool, Lancaster, Preston, Chester, and Cumbria. Training evenings take place on Tuesdays, with one detachment parading in Crawford Hall, Liverpool and one in Alexandra Barracks, Lancaster.

NUOTC in the field


Liverpool and Lancaster UOTC (LUOTC) is focused upon providing leadership development training to University students, utilising the four pillars of military training, adventurous training, sport, and social activities.
LUOTC is a non-deployable Army Reserve unit exclusively offering university students the opportunity to undertake basic military training alongside their degree. The UOTC provides a standard of experience and training that is well respected within the Army, and highly sought after by civilian employers.
Being part of the Army Reserve means students, known as Officer Cadets (OCdts) are paid for the training they do. The UOTC’s training programme is specifically designed around the university academic year, a student’s studies are always the priority.


In the first year, you will cover basic soldiering skills; from the wearing of uniform correctly to conducting attacks. The second year will focus on leadership training, managing soldiers, equipment and the battlefield. For those remaining for a third or fourth year, Senior OCdts have the opportunity to take up command positions within the UOTC and develop leadership skills.
Many of our Officer Cadets use their time in the UOTC to prepare for the Army Officer Selection Board (AOSB) with the intent of joining the Regular Army or the Army Reserve. With no commitment to join after university, some of our Officer Cadets head into industry with the skills and qualities gained during their time in the UOTC enabling them to stand out from their peers in a competitive jobs mark.


The UOTC experience offers a wealth of opportunities for sport, with competitive teams in rugby, football, hockey, netball and polo and equestrian to name a few.  The UOTC provides Officer Cadets the opportunity to try new sports as well as compete at the highest levels in their chosen sport.
Adventurous Training allows Officer Cadets to push their limits, from kayaking to mountain biking and skiing to rock climbing, the UOTC offers unrivalled opportunities, both in the UK and overseas at a reduced cost.
Offering a fantastic social calendar, from formal Regimental military dinners to cocktail parties and quiz nights to fancy dress parties, the UOTC has it all.

WHY JOIN Liverpool and Lancaster UOTC

If you want a challenge, whilst helping to develop your leadership potential why not join to receive internationally renowned leadership training and a regular income
Not only will you learn a lot about yourself, you will make new friends whilst also learning new skills that are easily evidenced to graduate recruiters and transferable within the graduate jobs market.
Hopefully, your experience within the OTC will also inspire you to consider a career in the Army as either an Officer or Soldier.


3 steps to join

  1. Step 1

    Either, fill in our Expression of Interest Form or find us at your university's Fresher's Fair

  2. Step 2

    Attend the Selection Event and Medical

  3. Step 3

    Start training!