University Officers' Training Corps

Northumbrian UOTC

Northumbrian UOTC (NUOTC) recruits from Durham University, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne University, Northumbria University, Sunderland University and Teesside University.


What we do

Northumbrian Universities Officers’ Training Corps (NUOTC) offers university students the opportunity to undertake Reserve Officer training modules over the course of three years. The UOTC provides a standard of experience and training that is well respected within the Army, and highly sort after by numerous civilian employers.

When on duty, due to being part of the Army Reserve, cadets are paid for their time and devotion. It must be noted that university study is always a student’s priority, all training is designed to fit around your academic calendar.

There is no obligation for a student who joins to then go on and serve in the Regular Army, or the Army Reserve.



In addition to football, rugby, netball, cross-country NUOTC offers a number of unusual sports activities. The unit is equipped with everything to allow the Officer Cadets to learn and take part in surfing on the picturesque Northumberland coast and we also have an established Climbing Club which visits Byker Wall on Wednesday afternoons with instructors to provide guidance and tuition. 

We also have a fantastic gymnasium equipped with modern equipment – free to use for all Officer Cadets.


Adventurous training and social activities

The UOTC also offers a wealth of opportunities in Adventurous Training. Officer Cadets can experience almost everything from sailing to mountain biking and we regularly organise expeditions overseas. Like any other university society, all UOTCs provide and hold regular social events. Particular highlights include Regimental Dinners, Cocktail Parties and fun-filled fancy-dress parties. 

To join us, find our representatives at you Freshers' Fair or contact us with the details below!

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Interested in joining us?

If you would like the team to contact you with more information about joining our UOTC please fill in the form on the link below.

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