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The Royal Logistic Corps

4 Regiment RLC

4 Regiment Royal Logistic Corps is a Close-Support Logistic Regiment based at Dalton Barracks in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. The Regiment forms part of 12 Armoured Brigade Combat Team and on operations, is part of the Army’s warfighting division, 3 (UK) Division. The Regiment provides vital ammunition, fuel and rations to Combat Arms Units on the front-line in order to keep them and the battle moving.

How we are organised

4 Regiment RLC is composed of the following squadrons:

  • 75 Headquarters Squadron – provides essential communication and administrative support to the Regiment.
  • 4 Close Support Squadron – provides essential fuel, food and ammunition to front-line units.
  • 33 General Support Squadron – provides the logistic expertise to manage, track and distribute essential combat supplies.
  • 60 Close Support Squadron.
  • Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Light Aid Detachment.

What we do

On operations, 4 Regiment RLC is assigned to an Armoured Infantry Brigade - a formation of around 2,000 troops and 1,000 vehicles. These all-arms groupings of Infantry, Armoured Cavalry and Combat Support Arms require an immense amount of rations, fuel and ammunition to continue fighting. 4 Regiment conduct Protected Logistic Manoeuvre missions to support the Combat Arms.

The Regiment is also well-placed to provide support within the UK; it has acted as the lead logistic unit as part of Op RESCRIPT, the British Army’s role in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As of June 2020, 4 Regiment has deployed 232 troops on to 36 different tasks in support of the British Government, the NHS and local authorities.

How we do it

4 Regiment RLC is equipped with a diverse variety of modern vehicles -  ranging from supply trucks to heavily-armoured Protected Patrol Vehicles. This equipment ensures the Regiment can protect itself while carrying out its tasks. Other equipment includes:

  • Logistic Support Vehicles (MAN SVs) 6, 9 and 15 tonne variants
  • Enhanced Pallet Loading System (EPLS)
  • Close Support Tankers (CST)
  • Mastiff Protected Patrol Vehicles
  • Land Rovers

4 Regiment’s soldiers are trained extensively on both their vehicles and the British Army’s weapons. A soldier of 4 Regiment is expected to be proficient in the use of the SA80 rifle and Glock pistol, as well as the General Purpose Machine Gun and the NLAW light anti-tank missile.

Who does it

The Regiment employs personnel in a number of different RLC trades, including:

4 Regiment recruits widely from across the UK and the Commonwealth. From both its Gurkha Squadron, recruited directly from Nepal, and its many British soldiers of Nepali descent, the Regiment has a rich Nepali tradition and maintains strong links with the local Gurkha community. A Gurkha temple, which provides Buddhist and Hindu worship, was opened by the Regiment in Abingdon in January 2020.

4 Regt Cpl Milan Rai.jpg

Corporal Milan Rai - 60 Close Support Squadron

I am exceedingly proud to be a part of the diverse and inclusive 4 Regiment RLC. I was one of the first Gurkha soldiers to join 60 Squadron, which has re-designated as part of the Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment.

My time at the Regiment has been incredibly varied. I have deployed on Ex AIGLE NOIR, an interoperability exercise with our French counterparts. I have also provided support to Ex TRACTABLE which moved hundreds of vehicles from a sea port to bases around the UK. A personal highlight has been participating in Ex CAMBRIAN PATROL, where the 4 Regiment team won a prestigious gold award.

4 Regt 10.JPG

2Lt Amy Grieve - Troop Commander, 4 Close Support Squadron

I commissioned from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in August 2019 and joined 4 Regiment in the December. In the time I have been with 4 Regiment, I have worked within brilliantly diverse teams who have helped me develop as a Junior Officer. I have had the opportunity to captain the Women’s Nordic Ski team, where we spent the winter season training in Austria and racing in Germany and France.

After returning from the ski season, I was deployed on Op RESCRIPT, which saw me tasked with a variety of challenges, such as providing logistic support to the Greater London NHS during the surge phase of COVID-19. Based in Central London, we helped the NHS distribute ventilators to hospitals that needed them the most. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience to support the NHS and to contribute to the national response to this crisis.

4 Regt 5.jpg

Sporting Opportunities

Soldiers from 4 Regiment have competed at Army level in various sports including: boxing, Nordic skiing, fishing and Enduro motorcycle racing. The former RAF airfield outside Abingdon Station puts the barracks in a unique position to be able to offer its soldiers the opportunity to experience an extreme sport within the Army. Enduro riding demands the highest level of fitness and commitment and offers the very best in personal challenges, making it an ideal and extreme test of an individual's character and determination. The Station Motorcycle Club has entered into all Corps and Army level championships and has taken part in events across the UK and Europe.


4 Regiment RLC Equipment

Close Support Tanker

Armour It has deployed on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and can be fitted with enhanced blast-proof armour for driver and crew protection.

Logistic vehicles


90 kph Mastiff is a heavily armoured, 6 x six-wheel-drive patrol vehicle with a top speed of 90 kph.

Protected patrol vehicles

Logistic Support Vehicles

Mobility The SV fleet provides far greater mobility than previous generation cargo vehicles

Logistic vehicles

SA80 Individual Weapon

Tests On its introduction, it proved so accurate that the Army marksmanship tests had to be redesigned.

Small arms and support weapons

General Purpose Machine Gun

GPMG The general purpose machine gun (GPMG) can be used as a light weapon and in a sustained fire role.

Small arms and support weapons

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