Royal Logistic Corps

27 Regiment RLC

The Wolf Pack

27 Regiment RLC is currently based in Travers Barracks, Aldershot and is part of 101 Logistic Brigade. It consists of 77 Headquarters Squadron, 8 Fuel Squadron, 91 Supply Squadron based in Aldershot and 19 Tank Transporter Squadron based in Bulford.



77 Headquarters Squadron provides command support to the Regimental Headquarters and includes a variety of ranks and trades.

8 Fuel and General Transport Squadron consists of Petroleum Operators and Close Support Tanker drivers, performing the fuel supply and general transport function for Brigade and Divisional activities.

91 Supply Squadron provides the Logistic Supply Chain expertise and management of critical spares to the Brigade and deployed force elements.

19 Tank Transporter Squadron is the only UK based Squadron providing the Tank Transporter functionality for Army Headquarters by combining Army Sponsored Reserve and Regular personnel with state-of-the-art heavy lift equipment.

Our locations

  • Travers Barracks Aldershot

    77 Headquarters Squadron, 91 Supply Squadron, 8 Fuel Squadron.

  • 19 Tank Transporter Squadron

    Ward Barracks Bulford

Roles in the Regiment: Logistic Supply Specialist