Royal Logistic Corps

1 Regiment RLC

About the Regiment

1 Regiment RLC is based at St David's Barracks in Bicester after moving across from Germany in 2015/16. The regiment has been deployed on a number of operations including those in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan.



The Regiment is made up of four squadrons:

  • 2 Close Support Squadron
  • 12 Close Support Squadron
  • 23 General Support Squadron
  • 74 (Headquarters) Squadron

It is partnered with the reserve unit 157 (Welsh) Regiment RLC.


  1. 1812

    Formed as 1 Divisional Column

  2. 1977

    Became 1 Armoured Division Transport Regiment RCT in December

  3. 1993

    Changed to 1 General Support Regiment RLC in April

  4. 2005

    Formed as 1 Logistic Support Regiment (with elements of 2 Close Support Regiment)

  5. 2014

    Re-designated as 1 Regiment RLCĀ 

Roles in the Regiment: Driver Comms Specialist