The Royal Logistic Corps

11 EOD & Search Regiment RLC

11 Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Search Regiment RLC

11 EOD & Search Regiment Royal Logistic Corps is the British Army's specialist unit responsible for improvised explosive device and conventional munitions disposal. The Regiment also inspect and licence ammunition storage and enforce explosives safety regulations.

How we are organised

The Regiment is made up of five squadrons:

  • 321 EOD & Search Squadron – Alexander Barracks, Aldergrove, Northern Ireland
  • 421 EOD & Search Squadron – Vauxhall Barracks, Didcot, Oxfordshire
  • 521 EOD Squadron – Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire
  • 621 EOD Squadron – RAF Northolt, Middlesex
  • 721 EOD Squadron – St Barbara’s Barracks, Ashchurch, Gloucestershire

What we do

The Regiment carries out its mission on all deployed and expeditionary operations worldwide and at home throughout the United Kingdom.

11 EOD & Search Regiment RLC employs around 650 specialist soldiers selected from five individual Corps within the British Army. Ammunition Technicians form most of the Regiment's personnel, together with Drivers and Supply Specialists, belonging to the Royal Logistic Corps.

The Royal Corps of Signals provide our Electronic Counter Measures and Communications Specialists. Military intelligence operators staff our intelligence section, providing the Regiment with essential counter terrorist information.

Soldiers and Officers from the Corps of Royal Engineers provide the critical regimental Search capability.

Administrators from the Adjutant General’s Corps are also employed throughout the unit.

How we do it

The Regiment operates a wide variety of specialist vehicles and equipment to ensure we can fulfil our very specific operational commitments.

A new vehicle fleet, GASKET, comprising of Skoda Superb Command Cars, Volkswagen Amaroks and a new heavy platform will replace the existing fleet. GASKET 1B (VW Amaroks) will provide a fantastic new medium scale capability for the Regiment. All drivers of these vehicles conduct specialist Blue Light Driver Training to be able to respond in emergencies.

A new robot, STARTER will replace the CUTLASS remote control vehicles.

Who does it

The Regiment employs personnel in a number of different RLC trades, including:

Officer specialisms include Ammunition Technical Officer (ATO).

We also employ technicians from The Royal Engineers (RE), Royal Signals Electronic Counter Measures and Communication Specialists and personnel from the Adjutant General’s Corps (AGC).

Healy 11 EOD.jpg

Lance Corporal Healy – Ammunition Technician

A single day as an Ammunition Technician is incredibly varied. Like many other units across the RLC, we are constantly busy, the only difference within our role is that we are also working at an operational pace, as we strive to support the civil authorities dealing with EOD in the UK. Whilst conducting immediate EOD duties you are on ten minutes notice to move, ready to drive anywhere in support of the civil authorities. A typical call out will take you through a mixture of environments, whilst travelling on blue lights to a remote location that you never knew existed. Other parts of the role include inspecting ammunition containers and processing reports from previous incidents. All in all, my role as an Ammunition Technician is a complete other world from my previous civilian jobs. I have had countless unforgettable experiences and I look forward to progressing in my career to become an EOD Operator.


Corporal McDonald – Ammunition Technician

I qualified as an RLC Driver in 2008. After serving for seven years, I was posted to Nottingham Troop, 721 EOD Squadron, where I had my first experience working with Ammunition Technicians. Intrigued by the day to day workings of an operational EOD Troop and Ammunition Technicians as a whole, I was given the opportunity to visit the Ammunition Depot in Kineton. From this, I decided to re-trade and on successful completion of the Ammunition Technical Class 2 Course, I was posted to Chester Troop, 521 EOD Squadron. During my time here, I have been fortunate enough to deploy to BATUS, Canada in order to work in the ammunition depot. I helped the Range Ammunition Technicians, whose job it was to identify and dispose of any unexploded ordnance on the training area. I have many more opportunities and challenges ahead for the next stage of my career and I am so glad I made the step to transfer.

20200603-Alpine_skiing(sport photo).jpg

Sporting Opportunities

At 11 EOD & Search Regiment RLC, being continuously committed to operations does not mean you cannot take part in sport or Adventurous Training. The Regiment takes part in skiing (Alpine and Nordic), football, rugby, swimming, cross-country, cycling and British Warrior Fitness.

You don’t have to an accomplished sportsperson to take part as there are events and competitions for all, ranging from Unit level all the way up to Army level.

Ammunition Technician

11 EOD & Search Regiment RLC Equipment

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)

EOD Dragon Runner and Wheelbarrow support EOD activity.

Engineering equipment

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