The Royal Logistic Corps

25 Training Regiment RLC

25 Training Regiment RLC is based at Normandy Barracks in Leconfield, East Yorkshire and forms part of the Defence School of Transport. The Regiment provides initial trade training for all soldiers within the RLC, before they join their new units as Combat Logisticians.

How we are organised

The Regiment is made up of the following Squadrons:

  • 109 Training Squadron - primarily provides training to non-driver trades. 
  • 110 Training Squadron - primarily provides training to driver trades.

The Regiment is part of the Defence School of Transport and is supported by a range of other elements to ensure that all trainees receive first class training.

What we do

The Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) is the British Army’s professional logistician provider which keeps the Field Army marching, its helicopters flying, its vehicles moving and its tanks and guns firing. The RLC supplies the British Army with everything it needs, wherever it is deployed.

25 Training Regiment RLC ensures that the soldiers of the Corps receive the very best training at the start of their careers.

The Combat Logistician Course is undertaken by all trades within the RLC, after completion of Basic Training. The course includes:

  • Driver Licence acquisition - Category C+E
  • Conversion to military wheeled platforms, such as MAN Support Vehicles
  • Physical development and military training

We ensure that all trainees have an introduction to Corps ethos and what it means to be in the RLC, as well as providing opportunities for skills learnt at Basic Training to be developed further.

How we do it

The Regiment has a core of permanent staff who are selected from across the Corps to ensure that the trainees are fully supported.

At the Defence School of Transport, there are specialist facilities to support both driver and military training. Driving instruction is provided by both civilian and military staff with a wealth of experience and enthusiasm.

Training is progressive and designed to help with the transition from Basic Training to Field Army Units. Continuation training provides an insight into the vast opportunities that the Army and RLC have to offer.

Who does it

Trainees are taught by staff who are qualified instructors in a range of different areas and represent every trade in the RLC.

Trainees come from the following RLC Trades:

25 regt george picture.jpg


I enlisted into the British Army in 2012 from the Caribbean Island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. My main role as a Driver is the daily maintenance, servicing and operation of different variants of vehicle, including the Man Support Vehicle, CST and Mastiff. In 2013, I deployed on an operational tour of Afghanistan on HERRICK 19 to help aid in the closure of forward operating bases and of Camp Bastion. I have also deployed to many other countries across the world on exercises, including: Canada, Gibraltar, Italy, Cyprus and The Falkland Islands.

I am currently a phase two instructor at 25 Training Regiment RLC, 109 Squadron. As an instructor, my role is to provide duty of care, administration, welfare and continuation training to all trainees. I enjoy playing sports and I have represented the Royal Logistic Corps in Basketball and Cricket. I also enjoy taking part in Athletics and Football.

25 regt Carabula picture 2.jpg


I enlisted into the British Army as a Driver in the Royal Logistic Corps in July 2019. I completed 14 weeks Basic Training at Army Training Centre Pirbright, then moved to 25 Training Regiment RLC, 109 Sqn at the Defence School of Transport (DST). Here, I conducted my Phase Two Trade Training as a Driver.

My role at 25 Training Regiment RLC is to complete my initial trade training and to be kept competent on my military skills and knowledge. Since arriving at DST, I have completed several courses in relation to my trade, including: RODET training, B theory, B practical, C theory, C practical, Numeracy and Literacy.

Cross Country 25.jpg

Sporting Opportunities

Our focus is to introduce trainees to the vast number of opportunities available within the Corps. Physical Development Training is undertaken five times a week to build both the fitness and robustness needed for a successful career in the RLC. Led by a team of Physical Training Instructors, the programme gradually builds to meet the standards required.

Sports training takes place at least once a week and the Regiment has successful athletics, cross-country, cricket, basketball and netball teams.

There are a wide range of sporting facilities at the Defence School of Transport that are available for use when training is not being conducted.

Life in the RLC

25 Training Regiment RLC Equipment

Logistic Support Vehicles

Mobility The SV fleet provides far greater mobility than previous generation cargo vehicles

Logistic vehicles

SA80 Individual Weapon

Tests On its introduction, it proved so accurate that the Army marksmanship tests had to be redesigned.

Small arms and support weapons

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