Royal Logistic Corps

9 Regiment RLC

Logistic Supply Specialists

Based at Buckley Barracks in Wiltshire, 9 Regiment RLC is one of the most culturally diverse regiments in the British Army. Soldiers from Fiji, the Caribbean, India, Africa, as well as Gurkha soldiers from Nepal serve within the Regiment.


Our Squadrons

The Regiment is made up of four squadrons:

  • 90 Headquarters Squadron
  • 66 Fuel and General Transport Squadron
  • 84 Medical Supply Squadron
  • 95 Supply Squadron

Since its formation in 1993, they have had a high operational tempo and deployed on operations to countries such as Kuwait, Rwanda, Iraq, Afghanistan and most recently Sierra Leone.

Our location

  • Buckley Barracks

    Hullavington Wiltshire

Roles in the Regiment: Logistic Supply Specialist