The Royal Logistic Corps

Professional, versatile and deployed throughout the world

The Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) is the largest Corps in the Army. A diverse organisation with technically qualified soldiers working both in peacetime and on operations. From vehicle parts and tools to ammunition, rations and water, the RLC maintains the Army’s operational capability by providing constant support and sustaining units by land, sea and air.


Facts & Figures


Active from

05 April 1993



To sustain the Army



Providing constant support to all units in the Army

Our Skills

All soldiers within the RLC are basic infantry trained, on top of these skills they are professionally qualified in one of 12 different trades.

  • Supply
  • Distribution
  • Port Enabling Tasks
  • Movement Control
  • Air Despatch
  • Bomb Disposal
  • Chef
  • Petroleum Operators

Current Deployment

Cyrpus - A 6 month deployment as part of a United Nations' peacekeeping agreement.

Past deployments:

  • Afghanistan
  • Iraq

Our People

The RLC is a culturally diverse and inclusive Corps with plenty of opportunities for education, learning new skills, travelling and sports. 

”As a Mariner you deploy on large Multi-National amphibious exercises around the world. Or, at a moment’s notice, you’re on a ship delivering lifesaving aid to disaster stricken nations.” LCpl Falconer, Mariner, 17 Port & Maritime Regiment RLC
Berni works at the Ministry of Justice. “Being a member of the Reserve Forces has enabled me to fulfil my potential and face up to challenges not available in civilian life.” Pte King, Driver 124 Transport Squadron RLC
“So far, I have deployed to or visited: Kenya, Canada, Gibraltar, Germany, the Republic of Korea, the USA, Peru and Malta. I have worked with the US Army, the Royal Welsh and the Parachute Regiment; where I was seconded as a Company 21C on operations.” Capt Jamie Harrop, 13 Air Assault Support Regiment RLC

Our Location

The HQ of the RLC is currently based at The Princess Royal Barracks in Surrey.

It's near Camberley in a rural setting with plenty of training real estate. 

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The RLC was formed on 5 April 1993 by the union of five units: Royal Corps of Transport, Royal Army Ordnance Corps, Royal Pioneer Corps, Army Catering Corps and Postal and Courier Service previously part of the Royal Engineers. 

  1. 1993

    Formation of the Corps.

  2. 2001 onwards

    The RLC deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

  3. Present day

    The RLC are still deployed in Cyprus, the Caribbean, Kenya, Canada and more.

Units and Battalions

The diversity of the Royal Logistic Corps

Explore our equipment


90 kph Mastiff is a heavily armoured, 6 x six-wheel-drive patrol vehicle with a top speed of 90 kph.

Protected patrol vehicles

Heavy Equipment Transporters

Load Capacity Heavy Equipment Transporters are capable of carrying 70-tonne main battle tanks

Logistic vehicles

Logistic Support Vehicles

Mobility The SV fleet provides far greater mobility than previous generation cargo vehicles

Logistic vehicles


Capability The Mexeflote is capable of transferring a cargo of vehicles and equipment up to 198 tonnes

Assault boats and landing craft

Close Support Tanker

Armour It has deployed on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and can be fitted with enhanced blast-proof armour for driver and crew protection.

Logistic vehicles


Showcasing STEM Careers

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst opened its doors to over 2000 young people from over 100 different schools and Youth Organisations for a showcase event. The event showcased a wide range of opportunities for all, from Army Aviation to the London Fire Brigade.


Army Commandos receive praise from Royal Marines

The Commando Logistic Support Squadron RLC has received a CGRM's Commendation for its consistent display of fitness and Commando skills.

157 Regiment RLC goes Back to Basics

157 Regiment RLC Ex Lions Star 6


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