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Bomb Disposal

Many shells, bombs and munitions fail to explode, leaving them around the battlefield after the fighting is over. Bomb Disposal Engineers are expert in the vital task of safely disposing of unexploded ordnance.

In peacetime, they provide the essential expertise necessary to clear areas, often to permit the civilian population to return home. They are also expert in counter-terrorist search - uncovering illegal arms and explosives.

The role

EOD Bomb Disposal Engineers are experts in the safe disposal of unexploded ordnance, such as mines, shells and bombs that may be left on the battlefield after a conflict. In peacetime, they apply their expertise to clear and make safe civilian areas. Before you can become a Bomb Disposal specialist, you must first complete soldier or officer training, Combat Engineer training and then trade training (soldiers only). You should then ask to specialise in Bomb Disposal.

The skills

Once selected for EOD Bomb Disposal training, you will undertake a four-week course, which will teach you to recognise various types of bomb and ammunition, make them safe and then dispose of them. EOD Engineers are also trained in counter-terrorist searches and the uncovering of illegal arms and explosives.

After some further experience and promotion, you will complete a four week intermediate course which will enhance the skills you have already learnt, train you in advanced demolitions and mines, and enable you to carry out the duties of the second in command of a Bomb Disposal team.

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