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Military Engineers

42 Engineer Regiment (Geographic)

Geographic Specialists

As Geographic Technicians we are responsible for the production and supply of geographic information and products to a wide range of Defence organisations. We create technical products which provide key information for military commanders to make mission critical decisions.

Our products are used at all levels, from Sapper up to Ministerial level.

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Our Skills

As a Geographic Technician you will gain skills that are directly transferrable and recognised on civilian street. Our class one course is accredited by Sheffield Hallum University, providing the opportunity to gain a BSc in Military Geospatial Science, with the option to turn it in to a full BSc (Hons) degree.

Our Skills

  • Advanced Geospatial Analysis
  • Data Management
  • Geospatial Web Services
  • Geodetic Survey
  • Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry
  • Systems Support

Our People

Our Officers and Soldiers are amongst the most intelligent and motivated in the British Army.

We have deployed on all major conflicts in recent years and have proven ourselves to be an invaluable part of the British Army.

Lt Col Paul Hammet - Commanding Officer
Sgt Kes Cartmell - 14 Geo Sqn RE
LCpl Josh Porter - Special Support Team


Current Deployments

  • Estonia - Op CABRIT

We are providing geographic support to NATO's enhanced forward presence (Spearhead Force) in Estonia.

Previous Deployments

  • Cyprus - Op SHADER
  • Afghanistan - Op TORAL

Our Location

42 Engineer Regiment (Geographic) is a hybrid Regular and Reserve unit based at RAF Wyton in Cambridgeshire. This is where the majority of our Officers and Soldiers are posted. There are a wide range of external postings available to Geo Techs across the UK and overseas as well. 135 Geo Sqn, our Reserve element also have Troops in Ewell and Reading.

42 Engineer Regiment (Geographic)
RAF Wyton
PE28 2EA
01480 52451 7237


Life as a Geo Tech

I am being paid to earn a degree! Kevin, 28

42 Engineer Regiment (Geographic) is a specialist unit made up of military geographers and attached supporting elements.

As a hybrid Regular and Reserve unit we provide geographic information, survey capabilities and mapping products. We are a well established, highly respected and dependable Regiment, utilised at every level of Defence.

It’s not just work though! We regularly participate in various types of sporting events and have several sports persons representing the Army, Combined Services and even have Sappers working towards the Olympics.

Geographic Technicians train at the Royal School of Military Survey in Hermitage on our 42 week Class 0-2 course. This follows training as a soldier and combat engineer.

135 Geographic Squadron

We Have Reserve Opportunities! Officer Commanding - 135 Geo Sqn

Reserve Opportunities

We currently have opportunities for potential Sappers to become Geographic Technicians in 135 Geographic Squadron, the Reserve squadron of 42 Engineer Regiment (Geographic).

You will need to attend basic training to become a trained soldier and then qualify as a combat engineer.

Finally, you will attend a Geographic Technician course, which includes gaining your LGV licence.

Contact details: 

RAF Wyton - Druce Ave, Wyton, Huntingdon. PE28 2EF.

0208 393 0981 


42 Engineer Regiment (Geo) Timeline

We can trace our history back to the military survey of Scotland in 1747. This task was undertaken on the direction of William Roy, who later became a Major-General. In 1824 the Board of Ordnance ordered a survey of Ireland with 13 and 14 Survey Companies, Royal Engineers raised for the task; these squadron still exist today.

  1. 1824

    13th & 14th Survey Company's formed.

  2. 1940

    13th & 14th Survey Company's deploy to France with the British Expeditionary Force.

  3. 1948

    42 Survey Engineer Regiment formed.

  4. 1990

    Op GRANBY in Iraq.

  5. 2003

    Provided Geospatial support to Op TELIC in Iraq.

  6. 2006-14

    Geo Cell's deployed in Forward Operating Bases on Op HERRICK in Afghanistan.


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