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The British Army's Military Engineers

24 Commando Royal Engineers

Commando Sappers

Our commando sappers are the Royal Engineer soldiers and officers who provide combat engineering solutions to the very high readiness forces of 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines. Commando sappers enable the Commando Brigade to live, move and fight.

Facts & Figures


Active From

2 March 2008



Military Engineering




Our Skills

Our commando sappers are trained to deploy alongside the Royal Marines, at short notice, in any environment. All commandos who wear the coveted green beret are expert in operating in arctic, desert, jungle, urban and mountainous environments.

  • Construction
  • Military diving and parachuting
  • Engineer Reconnaissance
  • Explosive demolitions
  • Explosive hazard clearance
  • Humanitarian and Disaster Relief (HADR)
  • Arctic and mountain operations
  • Urban, jungle and desert operations


Current Deployments

Atlantic Patrol Task - Deployed in the Caribbean, ready to respond during the hurricane season.

Previous Deployments

Operation HERRICK - Afghanistan
Operation RUMAN - Disaster relief

Our People

Our people are what make 24 Commando Royal Engineers a great place to be. We are adventurous, fit, motivated, professional yet humble. Sound like you? Get in touch with the recruiting team and earn your green beret.

24 RE CO.jpg
Our Commanding Officer Lt Col Iain Lamont RE
24 RE rsm.jpg
Our Regimental Sergeant Major WO1 (RSM) T Michael

Our Location

Royal Marines Barracks Chivenor, Devon

24 Commando RE are based at RMB Chivenor, near Barnstaple in picturesque North Devon.

The Reservist element, 131 Cdo Sqn, has a Headquarters in London with Troops in Plymouth, Bath and Birmingham.


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Life As A Commando Sapper

Our highly trained commando sappers provide military engineering for the Royal Marines, enabling them to live, move and fight. They specialise in amphibious warfare, but are able to deploy anywhere in the world, including desert, jungle, mountainous and cold weather environments.

Their diverse range of skills means they are the first to respond on a wide range of tasks, the most recent being humanitarian and disaster relief operations.

The download below explains the stages and how long it will take for you to earn the well respected green beret. It's not easy, but the personal pride and rewards are worth it.

24 Commando Royal Engineers Timeline

Commando Sappers are truly 'Ubique', which means 'everywhere'. We have been involved in every major conflict since World War II. First aligned to 3 Commando Brigade in 1971, the commando sappers have delivered engineering expertise in every theatre since.

  1. 1971

    59 Independent Commando Squadron RE formed

  2. 1982

    Supported Op CORPORATE in the Falklands

  3. 2003

    Supported Op TELIC in Iraq

  4. 2008

    Formation of 24 Commando Engineer Regiment

  5. 2006-2011

    Supported Op HERRICK 5, 9 and 11 in Afghanistan

  6. 2017

    Supported Op RUMAN in the Caribbean


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