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The British Army's Military Engineers

26 Engineer Regiment

A fast paced and flexible Armoured Engineer Regiment

26 Engineer Regiment provides armoured, combat, artisan and specialist engineering capabilities. We enable 12 Armoured Infantry Brigade to live, move and fight.

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Active From

1 April 1969



Close Support




Our Skills

We have a diverse and multi skill based background. Serving with 26 Engineer Regiment opens up many career paths; with the opportunity to gain civilian recognised qualifications. Whether Regular/Reserves or Officer/Soldier, we are an Armoured Engineer family that thrives with passion and pride.

Some of our skills include:

  • Armoured Engineer
  • Tradesman
  • Plant Operator
  • Communications Specialist
  • Logistics Specialist
  • Royal Engineer Diver
  • Driver


Current Deployments

Estonia - Op CABRIT

We are providing the Armoured Engineer component of the Enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup in Estonia.

Previous Deployments

Afghanistan - Op HERRICK
Iraq - Op TELIC

Our People

You will learn and employ skills in a wide range of trades, which will serve you well as a junior leader.

The senior ranks are respectful and vastly knowledgeable, due to their experiences in the Regiment.

Our Officers are amongst the most professional and versatile in the British Army and they always lead from the front.

BATUS-2017-047-Exercise Overlord-0081.jpg
Sapper Illingworth - 8 Armd Engr Squadron
Sergeant Cardy MBE - 33 Armd Engr Squadron
Lieutenant Powis - 30 Armd Engr Squadron

Our Location

We are located in the beautiful countryside of Wiltshire, with our brother Armoured Engineer Regiment - 22 Engineer Regiment.

Our address is:

26 Engineer Regiment
Swinton Barracks
Perham Down
SP11 9LQ
01980 651912

Our Location

Personnel respect Sappers; you always feel valued! Daniel, 22

The 26 Engineer Regiment Journey

Basic training will teach you how to be a soldier in the British Army.

You will then complete basic Engineering training, which gives you the skills to build bridges, use demolitions, supply water and build fortifications. You will use these skills throughout your career.

The final stage is your trade training. As Close Support, our emphasis is on the Armoured trade. You will learn TITAN, TROJAN and TERRIER, forming our flagship armoured vehicle qualifications. In addition to this, over half of our soldiers are trade qualified as Carpenters, Plumbers, Fitters, Electricians and more.

26 Engineer Regiment Timeline

Our 26 Engineer Regiment emblem is a large Scarab Beetle. Before 26’s reformation 8, 30, and 33 Squadrons were deployed to the Suez Crisis in 1956. The Scarab Beetle was the chosen symbol with its power in Egyptian religion, its strength and hardiness, and for its ferocity even when faced by larger adversaries.

  1. 1879

    The famous defence of Rourke's Drift during the Zulu War took place

  2. 1899

    The Boer War; 8 Sqn deploy as a Railway Company and 38 Sqn as a Field Company

  3. 1915

    Salonika; 33 and 38 Squadrons deployed to create extensive fortifications and wire obstacles

  4. 2000

    26 Engineer Regiment officially reforms

  5. 2007

    Cpl Cambell is awarded the Gallantry Cross for his actions in Afghanistan

  6. 2016

    The Regiment joins the Corps' celebrations of 300 years of military engineering around the world


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