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The British Army's Military Engineers

22 Engineer Regiment

Armoured Engineers

We provide essential armoured engineering support to the British Army and 20 Brigade. As well as being trained soldiers, combat engineers and tradesman, our regiment is equipped with some heavy duty capabilities, such as the Titan and Trojan armoured vehicles.

Facts & Figures


Active From

May 1948



Combat Support



Armoured Engineers

Our Skills

As one of the British Army's armoured engineer regiments, we specialise in providing engineer support to the Infantry and Armoured Corps, right at the front of the battlefield. We utilise the full range of Royal Engineer capabilities to support the local government in the UK and full scale deployments overseas.

Our capabilities include:

  • Tradesmen
  • Armoured engineer
  • Plant operator
  • Communication specialist
  • Logistic specialist
  • Royal Engineer diver


Current Deployments

Baltics - Operation CABRIT

The UK operational deployment to Estonia, where we are providing engineer support to the multinational battlegroup.

Previous Deployments

Afghanistan - Operation HERRICK
Iraq - Operation TELIC


Our People

We are an exciting regiment, which delivers and develops close-support engineering excellence. We do this by investing in our people through excellent training, trade progression, sports activities and educational development.

We are a diverse and inclusive organisation, in which we are all proud to belong.

Commanding Officer - Lieutenant Colonel Mark Baker
20180927-Cpl Etuate_104x93.jpg
Trojan Crew Commander - Corporal Sitiveni Etuate

Our Location

We are based in Tidworth on the edge of Salisbury Plain. We boast the UK's largest military training area and have access to miles of Wiltshire countryside in which to live, play and train.

We have good transport links to London and the South West, making it a popular location.

We share a camp with our brother regiment, 26 Engineer Regiment. Who also specialise in close support, armoured engineering.

Our Location

20180927-Cpl Etuate-O.jpg

Life at 22 Engineer Regiment

We are a busy regiment, recently deploying to places such as Canada, Estonia, the Oman and Iraq. We use all of our skill sets when deployed, including our trades, combat engineer skills and basic soldiering.

Uniquely, we are specialists in using these skills while living and working in armoured vehicles on the very frontline of the battlefield.

Regimental life sees a focus on continuous professional and personal development, including time for sport at all levels.

22 Engineer Regiment Timeline

22 Engineer Regiment has a proud history of providing engineer support to the British Army around the world. We have seen action in most major deployments since WWII. Deployments include Aden and Egypt in the 1950's, Northern Ireland in the 1970's, Falkland's in the 1980's and more recently Iraq and Afghanistan.

  1. 1948

    Regiment formed as 22 Field Engineer Regiment

  2. 1975

    Regiment moves to current location in Tidworth

  3. 1991

    Provide support for the liberation of Kuwait, Iraq

  4. 2004

    Op TELIC 4, Iraq

  5. 2013

    Op HERRICK 16, Afghanistan

  6. 2017

    Op SHADER 5, Iraq

Armoured Engineer


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