The British Army's Military Engineers

62 Works Group

We deliver Infrastructure and Engineering Support

We support all three services with unparalleled engineering knowledge. We specialise in water infrastructure, but we have also supported force protection tasks, camp design and infrastructure upgrades.

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Infrastructure Support



Water Infrastructure

Our Skills

170 Infrastructure Support is currently the only Royal Engineer or otherwise camp that's comprised solely of Works Groups and a Support Squadron. This set-up is designed to allow a Works Group to break down into STRE's (Specialist Teams, Royal Engineers) which comprise of a variety of highly skilled Officers, Clerk of Works, Logistic Specialists and a variety of design trades such as Surveyors and Draughtsman.

  • Garrison Engineers
  • Clerk of Works
  • Military Plant Foreman
  • Survey Engineers
  • Draughtsman
  • Logistics Specialists


Current Deployments

South Sudan - Operation TRENTON

Due to civil war in the country, we are providing support to military and civilians in need of engineering expertise.

Previous Deployments

  • Somalia - Operation TANGHA
  • Middle East - Operations TORAL, KIPION & SHADER

Our People

As a junior soldier, you will become experienced in your trade quickly. Our soldiers are mature through the work they are expected to conduct, which soon makes them Subject Matter Experts (SME).

As a Clerk of Works or Military Plant Foreman, you will become the Army's engineering experts. You will become project leaders in a multitude of tasks and deployed all over the world.

Our Officers are some of the highest qualified personnel in the Army and have unrivalled Infrastructure and Engineering experience.

Our Location

62 Works Group is located at Chilwell, in Nottingham. We are co-located alongside 63, 64, 65 (Reserves) and 66 Works Groups.

62 Works Group
Building 104
Chetwynd Road
Chetwynd Barracks
0115 957 2054

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Life in the Army

Great feeling to be able to provide water! Corporal Johnson, 28

Life in the Army

As a design trade Sapper, you will be deployed all over the world. You will be expected to provide design, technical and construction expertise from early stages into your career.

As a Clerk of Works or Military Plant Foreman, you will produce high level engineering designs, advice and implement changes at every size and scale.

Life at 62 Works Group is busy, fulfilling and provides lots of versatility and diversity. You will get to deploy to many interesting places and be part of a close team that develop strong bonds and friendships that last a life time.



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