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The British Army's Military Engineers

21 Engineer Regiment

21 Engineer Regiment

21 Engineer Regiment provides light role, close support engineering to the Adaptable Force. It has three Squadrons based in Ripon, North Yorkshire.

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Light role close support engineering



Combat Engineering

Our Skills

Each Field Squadron provides close support engineering to units within the Adaptive Force, allowing them to live, move and fight within their area of operations.

The Headquarters and Support Squadron holds specialised capabilities such as a Reconnaissance Troop, Construction Design Cell, Divers, plant vehicles, and Automotive Bridge Launching Equipment (ABLE) for General Support Bridging (GSB).

  • Combat Engineer
  • Artisan Tradesman
  • Plant Operator
  • Driver
  • Communications Specialist
  • Resources Specialist
  • Reconnaissance Specialist
  • Army Diver


Current Deployment

Operation TRENTON - Supporting the United Nation's Peace Keeping Force in South Sudan

Previous Deployments

Somalia - Operation CATAN

Afghanistan - Operation HERRICK

Life at 21 Engineer Regiment

I enjoy travelling with my regiment Sapper - 21 Engr Regt

Our Role

The Corps’ role is to enable the Army to live, move and fight. 21 Engineer Regiment provides light role, close support to the adaptive force.

In recent years, this has seen a significant focus on support to UN peacekeeping operations. This has included deployments to Cyprus, Somalia and South Sudan.

21 Engineer Regiment Timeline

Formed in Holzminden, Germany in 1949, the Regiment moved to Nienburg in 1951, and granted the Freedom of the city in 1980.

In 1996 the Regiment moved to Osnabruck, where it was presented the Fahnnenband (German Military Colours).

In 2008 the Regiment moved to Ripon, Yorkshire. The Regiment has served on operations in Northern Ireland, Kuwait, Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

  1. 1949

    21 Engineer Regiment was formed in Holzminden, Germany.

  2. 1980

    The Regiment received a bear’s paw from the city of Nienburg, now the Regiment’s emblem.

  3. 1991

    21 Engineer Regiment deployed on Operation GRANBY, the liberation of Kuwait.

  4. 1994

    The Regiment received the Wilkinson Sword of Peace, after multiple deployments in the Balkans.

  5. 2008

    21 Engineer Regiment deployed to Iraq on Operation TELIC for the second time.

  6. 2010

    21 Engineer Regiment deployed to Afghanistan on Operation HERRICK 12.


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21 Engineer Regiment Location

Based in Ripon, North Yorkshire, 21 Engineer Regiment is part of the Adaptive Force based around Catterick Garrison.