The Royal Logistic Corps

Systems Analyst

Could you provide vital Logistic IT Services to the British Army?

The Royal Logistic Corps' Systems Analysts provide specialist technical support to deployed Logistic Information Services across Defence.

Key Facts

We are highly skilled, dynamic and effective Logistic Information Service Specialists, who operate across Defence to deliver support, including: troubleshooting wide area networks, conducting server installations and upgrading software and hardware.

We are primarily based in Bicester, Oxfordshire but we also deploy worldwide for short periods.

Skills of a Systems Analyst include:

  • Networking
  • Systems administration
  • Stakeholder management
  • Hardware maintenance
  • IT incident management

Entry Requirements

We recruit from within the RLC and implement our own recruitment criteria. In order to apply, a soldier must be an RLC substantive Sergeant or higher rank and a minimum return service of eight years is expected.

Application Process:

  1. Applicant visits Logistics Information Troop 233 Squadron, 13 Signal Regiment in Bicester.
  2. Formal application completed to transfer to Systems Analyst.
  3. Applicant conducts technical aptitude assessment day in Bicester.
  4. Applicant attends formal interview.
  5. Applicant starts six-month probation period.


After completing aptitude tests and passing the interview stage, the Systems Analyst probation period begins. During this, you will be taught a number of in-house training objectives. Towards the end of the probationary period, you will be given an area of study to research within a project sphere, with the work culminating in a presentation.


There are several qualifications that you can gain as a Systems Analyst, including:

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate
  • Linux (Redhat)
  • Virtualisation
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) V4 Foundation
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Fundamentals and Routing and Switching
  • CompTIA A+ N+ S+
  • Management of Risk (MoR)
  • AZURE Foundation
  • Project Management (Prince 2)
  • Oracle Database Administrator
“Joining the Systems Analyst trade delivered the challenge I was looking for.” WO2 Neil Buckley

WO2 Neil Buckley - Systems Analyst

I joined the Systems Analyst (SA) trade as a Sergeant in January 2016, having previously trained as a Communications Specialist. Having an Application Specialist post at 15 Signal Regiment had introduced me to Information Systems and joining the SA trade seemed a sensible move with the skillset that I already had. My thoughts were totally correct, however it was a shock learning a new system in a fast-paced organisation!

A typical week for a SA is two fold, our bread and butter is to resolve Level 3 incidents associated with LogIS and to fufil technical configuration requirements on LogIS for exercise and operations. Also, a huge undertaking we have is to provide the Naval fleet with the ability to deploy to sea with Management of the Joint Deployed Inventory (MJDI).

“I enjoy working in a professional team supporting exercises and operations worldwide.” Sergeant Talwar

Sergeant Talwar - Systems Analyst

I joined The Royal Logistic Corps in 2009 as a Logistic Supply Specialist. In 2019, I re-traded to the Systems Analyst (SA) trade and joined the Logistic Systems Support Team (LSST) based in Bicester. I’ve always had a keen interest in the SA trade and in April 2019, I approached my Chain of Command to re-trade. After an assessment to determine my suitability, I conducted an initial interview and was accepted for SA probation training in October 2019. This period involved completing in-unit assessments to meet training objectives, predominantly related to deployed Logistic Information Services (LogIS). In December 2019, I successfully completed my probation and qualified as a RLC Systems Analyst. I can now further learn new IT skills, work in a professional team, support exercises and operations worldwide and work with Project Teams.

"I have 100% job satisfaction in what I do and transferring was the best career choice I have made." Sergeant Gurung

Sergeant Thamraj Gurung – Systems Analyst

I joined the British Army as a Logistic Supply Specialist. During my Class 1 Suppliers course, I had the chance to visit H-Site, home of the Systems Analyst (SA) trade. In 2015, when I was in 105 Sqn, BATUS, Canada, I met a team of SAs and I had the opportunity to watch and understand their work in greater detail. Later that year, I was promoted to Sergeant and I attempted to transfer. I was invited to visit Logistics Information Services Troop (LIST) to get an insight of the trade and to ask questions. During the transfer process, I had to sit an assessment and had interviews with three SA WO1s including the Head of Trade. After some working as part of the Joint Systems Maintenance & Accounting Team (JSMAT), I was accepted for re-trade and to start my SA probation training. In January 20, I qualified as a RLC SA.

How to join

If you are already in The RLC, you will need to complete the re-trade process to become a Systems Analyst. For more information click here.

If you are joining from another British Army Corps, you will need to complete the transfer process. For more information click here (MODNET).

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