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Army Photographer

Could you provide high-level media capture for the British Army?

Army photographers are the professional eyes and documenters of military actions, providing operational support to Army activities and bespoke specialist training to Defence.

Key Facts

We provide a worldwide media capture capability in order to promote and protect the reputation of the British Army.

We provide specialist operational photographic training to a variety of other departments, including the UK Special Forces.

Often working under difficult conditions, our iconic imagery captures moments in history and very often the deepest of human emotions - with vivid honesty and clarity. Our work is some of the most sought-after in the world.

We deploy worldwide - wherever the Army require military capture and training support. There are regular deployments as part of Combat Camera Teams in support of UK Operations, humanitarian support and high-level international exercises.

Entry Requirements

You will need to re-trade within The RLC or transfer from another Arms or Service.

Minimum rank of Lance Corporal with two recommendations for promotion to Corporal.


Specialist Trade Training comprises of eight weeks of mentoring and evaluation, in addition to a one-week aptitude and assessment course.

Additional training includes a 28-week course in Defence Photographic Training at RAF Cosford, as well as a five-week Video Training Course.

The Army Photographer trade consists of:

Corporals               2
Sergeants              14
Staff Sergeants               8
Warrant Officer Class 2               3
Warrant Officer Class 1               1




As an Army Photographer, you can gain qualifications, including those recognised by civilian industries, such as:

  • Level 4 Digital Photography
  • Adobe Certification
“As an Army photographer, there is always someone else’s story to tell and history to preserve.” Corporal Weideman

Corporal Weideman – Army Photographer

Army Photographers are right at the centre of it all, documenting and publicising the work of the British Army. I’m part of a Combat Camera Team (CCT) and we are the first ones out the door if needed - we cover operations, training exercises, major parades and other events.

I have worked with some amazing people in the wider Army, such as The Royal Wessex Yeomanry and 16 Medical Regiment on Ex VIGOROUS WARRIOR in Romania. I have also had the honour of filming and photographing the 75th anniversaries of the battles of Normandy and Arnhem.

The highlight has been sitting in a London cab in Arnhem filming and having a conversation with two World War Two veterans returning there 75 years later; I’m glad I was able to help tell a small part of their story.

"Photography is the most effective way of communicating what the Army does." Corporal Adams

Corporal Adams – Army Photographer

As an Army Photographer, I travel widely and cover everything from conflict to humanitarian and disaster relief, international exercises and competitive sport. Photography is the most effective way of communicating what the Army does. The military often has unique access to these events and it is important that this is shown both at home and to the rest of the world. I find it both fascinating and important to document the Army's roles, responsibilities and commitments around the world.

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How to join

If you are already in The RLC, you will need to complete the re-trade process to become an Army Photographer. For more information click here.

If you are joining from another British Army Corps, you will need to complete the transfer process. For more information click here (MODNET).

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