The Royal Logistic Corps

Driver Tank Transporter Operator

Could you operate the largest vehicle in the British Army?

Driver Tank Transporter Operators (DTTOs) provide Heavy Lift capability to Defence. The Royal Logistic Corps holds the only Heavy Equipment Transporter Squadron which delivers battle-winning equipment all over the world.

Key Facts

As a Driver Tank Transporter Operator, you are always busy. As the only Heavy Lift capability to the Field Army, on a daily basis we move armoured vehicles and equipment across the UK for repair, exercises and training.

We are primarily based in Bulford, Wiltshire as part of 19 Tank Transporter Squadron, 27 Regiment RLC. There are also opportunities to serve outside of the trade as a Driver where you can deploy on operations worldwide.

When not on task or deployments, DTTOs fall in to normal squadron routine; servicing and maintaining the equipment, conducting annual training and attending Adventurous Training. There are also opportunities to participate in sporting events.

Entry Requirements

To meet the start criteria for this trade, you must be a B3 Driver and have attended the vocational Class 3 course at the Defence School of Transport.


Specialist training for this role is held at the School of Tank Transporting. Here you will learn how to operate the Modified Light Equipment Transporter (MLET) before you train on the British Army Oshkosh Heavy Equipment Transporter. You’ll learn about the maintenance, loading and marshalling of Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFV), recovery using winches and cross-country driving by day and night.

As a DTTO, you are able to progress in rank up to a Warrant Officer Class 2 (WO2). Warrant Officer Class 1 (WO1) is achievable out of trade and many of our WO2s promote to WO1s where they are employed in roles such as Master Driver and Regimental Sergeant Major.


You will gain several qualifications as part of becoming a DTTO, including:

  • Category C+E Driving Licence
  • Level 2 Certificate Logistics & Transport
  • Level 2 Apprenticeship Driving Goods Vehicles
  • Level 5 Diploma Logistics & Transport
“The DTTO trade can be challenging, but also very rewarding.” Corporal Myles

Corporal Myles – 19 Tank Transporter Squadron

Driver Tank Transporter Operators (DTTOs) deploy on exercises and operations all over the world. On completing my trade training, I deployed on Op HERRICK where I was responsible for the movement of NATO Main Battle Tanks, UK Armoured Fighting Vehicles and heavy equipment. For a newly qualified DTTO, this was a challenge, but with the experience and knowledge of my team, I soon settled in.

Recently, I deployed on Op CABRIT as part of the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence (EFP). My job role was the Troop Transport Manager's Assistant; I made sure all vehicle maintenance schedules were on time and complete as well as taking on Heavy Equipment Transport tasks throughout the tour. We used seven transporters to move the battlegroup’s various pieces of heavy armour as well as other nations’ vehicles.

" As a Driver Tank Transporter Operator, you deploy around the world." Private Sainsbury

Private Sainsbury – 19 Tank Transporter Squadron

Not long after joining the Squadron, I began my trade training as a DTTO. Once completed, I deployed on Exercise KHANJAR OMAN, moving armour to and from the port and exercise area. Driving large vehicles like this can be challenging, but also a good experience. As a DTTO, you deploy around the world transporting and recovering vehicles and kit such as the Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank.

More recently, I deployed on OP CABRIT 6 as part of a battlegroup supporting the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence. Here I was kept very busy helping the REME to service and repair, as well as looking after the Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET) stores. Whilst in the Army, I have conducted Adventurous Training (AT), including the National Three Peaks Challenge and I am currently looking at pursuing my mountaineering courses.

How to join

If you are already in The RLC, you will need to complete the re-trade process to become a Driver Tank Transporter Operator. For more information click here.

If you are joining from another British Army Corps, you will need to complete the transfer process. For more information click here (MODNET).

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