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More Jobs, More Roles, More Opportunities than any other Infantry Regiment in the British Army. The Royal Anglian Regiment is involved with Military Operations and Exercises around the world. Be part of something exciting.

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Why Join Us

We are are the forefront of British Army operations and around the world. You Can develop yourself and have adventure at the same time. Very few others jobs offer this.

Soldier applicants need no qualifications (although many do). We want to find people who can be part of our team. People from many different backgrounds who have a determined attitude and who want to make a positive change to their life. 

Why should I join?

  • No other job offers the same level of action and adventure
  • No other Infantry regiment offers such wide opportunities
  • You will make friends for life
  • You will get paid to play sport and travel
  • Earn a good wage with many other financial benefits
  • You, your family and friends will be proud of your decision

Join as a Soldier

Whether you want to join, rejoin or transfer within the British Army as a Regular or Reserve soldier, we offer fantastic opportunities and training around the world.  

We have units located across the East of the UK.

In recent years we have deployed to Afghanistan and Nigeria and have supported overseas exercises around the world. Plus you will get the opportunities to undertake adventurous training around the world.

You will also get to develop yourself through education and leadership training. Our Regiment will support your career and help you reach your maximum potential. 

Soldier Basic Training

The 1st Infantry Training Battalion located at the Infantry Training Centre (ITC) in Catterick North Yorkshire is responsible for the training of our soldiers and other infantry recruits.

It is divided into a number of Divisional Companies, with each commanding a number of platoons under training at any one time.

The Combat Infantry Course builds up skills and fitness at a gradual pace. This involves learning individual skills first, followed by Section and then Platoon skills, ending with an assessment in all subjects of which you have to be able to pass.

During training, recruits are taught the importance of discipline, integrity, loyalty and respect for others. They learn that being a soldier is about putting others first and having the courage to know the right thing to do in any given situation.

Join as an Officer

We need Officers who can deliver leadership and make decisions but also understand our soldiers and their extensive knowledge and experience.

Training to become an Officer in our Regiment starts of at the world famous Royal Military Academy Sandhurst where you will gain extensive military and leadership training and development from the best instructors and academics in the world. 

Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) is where all officers in the British Army are trained to take on the responsibility of leading their soldiers.

Training at the Academy is challenging but ultimately rewarding. You will leave knowing you've excelled at one of the world's most revered military training academies.

The Commissioning Course is accredited by various academic and professional institutions.

Find out more here. 

Find out what being in the Infantry is all about.

Army Awareness Activity (Infantry) course is held at the Infantry Training Centre (ITC), Catterick in Yorkshire. During the course, there are serving soldiers on hand to answer questions and just chat about Army life in the Army and our Regiment. There will also be some of our Soldiers currently in training or possibly as Instructors at ITC.

The minimum age is 15 years up to 32 years and 9 months. It costs you nothing and commits you to nothing whatsoever. You will be accommodated and fed free of charge and will get to see what being in the Infantry is really all about. There’s also time to socialise with the other candidates and a great chance to get to know others that you may end up in training with.

On the course you will get the chance to do the following:

  • Receive briefs on the Army and the Infantry
  • Learn more about qualifications you can receive
  • Meet soldiers currently in training and the training staff
  • See some of the Vehicles and Equipment the Infantry use
  • Experience some basic military skills training including the indoor firing range
  • Receive an introduction to the Assessment Centre Activities to help you prepare
  • This is a fantastic opportunity to find out more and whether this is for you

Application Process

  1. Apply online

    Once you've registered your interest to join, you will be asked for details including your nationality and age.

    Register here

  2. Your Army Briefing

    Now that you've applied, you'll be given a Candidate Support Manager (CSM).

    You can also follow your progress online.

    You'll be invited to your local career centre, where you'll be given a personal development plan to follow to help you get ready for the assessment centre.

  3. Assessment Centre

    Your assessment will last for 2 days and will take place in one of our Assessment Centres in the UK.

    The Army will pay for your travel to get there and back.

  4. After Assessment

    Once you’re through assessment there’s just some final paperwork to do before you’re ready to begin your Initial training which if you are joining the infantry will take place the Infantry Training Centre in Catterick. 

Being a soldier in The Royal Anglian Regiment

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We are keen to hear from you so get in touch with our team. This is your chance to take on a new challenge and change your life. 

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