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The Royal Anglian Regiment

Your County Infantry Regiment

The Royal Anglian Regiment has Regular and Reserve battalions in the Adaptive Force. Our two regular battalions are based in Woolwich and Cyprus, and our Reserve battalion has base locations throughout our Regimental footprint.




1 September 1964






Light Infantry

our skills

With all battalions in the Light Role Infantry, we specialise in dismounted close combat with the most up-to-date weapon systems and equipment. The Regiment prides itself in the specialist infantry skills and agility of its soldiers.

  • Fitness - fit to fight
  • Leadership - at all ranks
  • Weapon handling – mounted and dismounted systems
  • Communications - using the most modern equipment
  • Agility - to cope with the full spectrum of situations
  • Experienced - a track record of operational excellence

our deployments

We are very lucky to be a part of the adaptable force, who are currently deploying on active operations all across the world. By Christmas 2017 we had deployed 15 teams to Nigeria in 3 years, training over 15,000 Nigerian soldiers to fight Boko Haram. We have created a close bond with our friends in West Africa which we hope will last and keep us busy for a long time.

We balance this commitment with other tasks and training missions globally: in the last couple of years we have been to Kenya, the Falklands, Jordan, Oman, Spain, India, Cyprus and America.

For a Regiment with just two Battalions we keep ourselves very busy, which we are able to do because we proved ourselves time and time again in Iraq and Afghanistan, and we have a very close family supporting us back home.

Our People

Our people are our edge. We are a county based Regiment, bound together by a closely-knit family spirit. Our approach is classless, based on mutual respect and trust, where developing and believing in our soldiers is paramount. 

Regimental Headquarters


The Royal Anglian Regiment recruits from 10 counties across the east of England.  Our Regimental Headquarters is based in Bury St Edmunds.  The Regiment's regular battalions are based in Woolwich (London) and Cyprus (Dhekelia) with very strong links to the counties that they represent. Our reserve battalion has a presence in all our recruited counties, from Lincolnshire to Hertfordshire.

We are the county infantry regiment for: Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Rutland and Lincolnshire


RHQ Directions

The Royal Anglian Regiment

The Regiment is where I feel I belong Matt, 24

Our Role

The Royal Anglian Regiment provides three Infantry battalions (two Regular, one Reserve) within the Adaptable Force.  These agile, light battalions are:

  • Committed to the British Army's global operations.
  • Ready to take their place at reduced notice to move.
  • Engaged. The Regiment is tasked with Defence Engagement around the world with other nations' armies.
  • Committed to UK resilience and on standby to assist the UK civil authorities.

Through the years

The modern Regiment and its forebears have a long and proud history dating back to 1685.  The antecedent county regiments amalgamated between 1958 and 1963. The Royal Anglian Regiment was formed on the 1st September 1964 and was the first of the large infantry regiments. 

  1. 1685

    Raising of the first of the forebear Regiments

  2. 1959

    Amalgamation of the former county regiments

  3. 1964

    Aden - The Royal Anglian Regiment’s first operational tour

  4. 1970

    Northern Ireland – the first of 29 operational tours in the Province

  5. 1994

    Bosnia – deployment on peacekeeping duties

  6. Post 2002

    6 deployments to Afghanistan, 3 to Iraq

Our Locations

Introduction to The Royal Anglian Regiment


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The Royal Anglian Regiment

Regimental Headquarters

For Officer Career Enquiries,
Captain Sam Durrant
Regimental Adjutant
01284 752 394

For Soldier Career Enquiries,
The Queen’s Division Recruiting Support Team
07976 563 904