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The Infantry

Infantry: At the heart of the action

The role of the Infantry is at the core of the Army; from peacekeeping to combat operations, anywhere in the world - our Infanteers lead the way.
Infantry soldiers are trained to be ready for any challenge.
Ready to operate alongside allies in adverse climates, from desert to jungle.
Ready to protect the nation, prevent conflict, fight the nation's enemies and deal with disaster at home or overseas.




Early 1600s



To defeat the enemy through close combat



Mounted and Dismounted Close Combat

Our Roles

With common core skills and capabilities across the Infantry, each battalion specialises in one of these roles:

  • Light Role Infantry
  • Armoured Infantry
  • Light Mechanised Infantry
  • Mechanised Infantry
  • Airborne Infantry
  • Specialised Infantry

Our skills

As close combat specialists, all our Infanteers are highly skilled on a range of weapon systems that enable targets to be engaged day or night.
Working as part of a close-knit team, they are able to operate over all kinds of terrain in all weathers.
There are further opportunities to train as a specialist, such as:

  • Sniper
  • Combat Team Medic
  • Specialist Weapons Operator
  • Assault Pioneer
  • Armoured Fighting Vehicle Driver
  • Infantry Logistician
  • Combat Communications Specialist
  • Intelligence Specialist


The Infantry is persistently deployed across the world training, advising and supporting partner forces. This includes:

  • Op SHADER - Iraq
  • Op TORAL - Afghanistan
  • Op CABRIT - Estonia
  • Numerous Training Teams in Africa, the Middle East, and a range of other diverse and interesting places.

Previous deployments:

  • Op HERRICK- Afghanistan
  • Op TELIC - Iraq

Our People

The Infantry is the largest branch of the Army - around a quarter of its strength.

Our men and women serve in one of 18 Regiments, which together have 33 Regular Battalions and 16 Reserve Battalions. Many Infanteers will also spend time serving away from Regimental Duty, including as instructors at the School of Infantry and in the wider Army.

Our Location


Headquarters Infantry is in Waterloo Lines, Warminster the ancestral home of the Infantry.

Infantry battalions are based in over 30 locations around the UK and Cyprus.

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The Infantry

The Infantry

The Infantry is at the heart of the Army and everything else coalesces around it. Gen Sir Nicholas Carter KCB CBE DSO ADC Gen

Our Role

The Infantry is at the heart of the Army. It is at the core of the Army’s Ground Close Combat capability.
Our Infanteers are trained to out-think, outwit, outmanoeuvre, outfight, and outlast any adversary, anywhere.
They are ready to operate across a very range of challenging climatic and geographical environments, amongst diverse populations, and alongside allies.

The Infantry of the British Army is based on the tried and tested regimental system. Built on hundreds of years of history from their antecedents, our regiments embody the esprit de corps that has sustained their success on operations all over the World. 

A regiment is made up of one or more regular battalions and in most cases includes an associated Army Reserve battalion.

Our Infanteers are the Army’s close combat warriors, trained to be ready for anything, anytime, anywhere.

Here’s what each battalion specialises in.

APOSW-2017-022-AWE 2017-030.jpg

Light Role Infantry

Light Role Infanteers are trained to fight on foot, but their flexibility means they can deploy by land, air or sea.

Equipped with the full range of Infantry weapons, communications and surveillance equipment these are some of the Army’s most adaptable soldiers, ready to deploy anywhere in the World at a moment’s notice.


Armoured Infantry

Armoured Infantry Battalions are equipped with the Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

Specialist in armoured warfare within our armoured brigades they are able deliver highly manoeuvrable, fast moving firepower to protect the UK.

With this protected fighting vehicle, our Infanteers are delivered very close to their objective before dismounting and capturing the position whilst still supported by the considerable firepower of the Warrior's weapon systems.

Under Future Soldier, Armoured Infantry Battalions will become Heavy Mechanised Battalions equipped with the Boxer Armoured Vehicle.


Light Mechanised Infantry

The Foxhound, one of the light but well armoured vehicles that Light Mechanised Infantry battalions are equipped with.

In environments requiring flexible, protected mobility, Light Mechanised Infantry use their vehicle to get to the action quickly and then operate on foot in close combat.

ARMYHQPHOTCPL2-2019-009-Secretary of State 4 scots-SPTA-156-RW.JPG

Mechanised Infantry

Mechanised Infantry battalions use the Mastiff protected patrol vehicle to cover large distances quickly.

This heavily armoured, 6 x six-wheel-drive vehicle carries eight troops, plus two crew, and is the newest in a range of protected patrol vehicles being used for operations.

Similar to the Light Mechanised role, Infanteers are ready to dismount and operate on foot to patrol and engage in close combat.

Under Future Soldier, Mechanised Infantry Battalions will become Heavy Mechanised Battalions equipped with the Boxer Armoured Vehicle.

16X-2016-059-Ex Swift Response-058.jpg

Airborne Infantry

Airborne Infantry provide the British Army with a a hard-hitting and quickly deployed force.

Trained and equipped to deploy at the start of any action, often ahead of the main force, Airborne Infanteers are ready to use their speed to surprise an adversary and gain an early advantage.

They specialise in rapid deployment either by parachute or helicopter.

Security Force Assistance Infantry

Security Force Assistance Infantry

Future Soldier builds on the Specialised Infantry Group model of regionally focused units with the new Security Force Assistance (SFA) battalions. They  will operate with conventional partners in permissive environments.

They will complement the discreet partnering that Army Ranger battalions will deliver in high-risk environments.

The will be part of the 11th Security Force Assistance Brigade (SFAB). The new SFAB will be persistently engaged across the globe. It will commission, design, deliver and assess security force assistance activity to inform regional Defence strategies and it will reduce the likelihood of having to fight wars through its deterrent effect while retaining the ability to set the conditions for the warfighting division to act, if necessary.

The Infantry - Who we are

Explore our equipment


Used in the reconnaissance role to find and mark targets to destroy. Equipped with their own anti-armour weapons, they can also pack a punch.

Combat vehicles

Jackal 2

Rapid Jackal 2 is a high mobility weapons platform, with a unique air-bag suspension system allowing rapid movement across varying terrain

Reconnaissance vehicles


112 kph Foxhound has a top speed of 112 kph but can still protect against improvised explosive devices thanks to its v-shaped hull.

Protected patrol vehicles


Support Husky is a protected support vehicle, providing a highly mobile and flexible load carrying vehicle.

Protected patrol vehicles


TSV This heavy-armoured truck is part of the Tactical Support Vehicles (TSV) group along with the Husky and the Coyote.

Protected patrol vehicles


2009 Ridgback first deployed on operations in 2009 and provides protected mobility in urban and urban-fringe environments.

Protected patrol vehicles


90 kph Mastiff is a heavily armoured, 6 x six-wheel-drive patrol vehicle with a top speed of 90 kph.

Protected patrol vehicles

Quad Bike

Speed The ATV's alone can reach speeds of up to 75kph

Logistic vehicles

SA80 Individual Weapon

Tests On its introduction, it proved so accurate that the Army marksmanship tests had to be redesigned.

Small arms and support weapons

L129A1 Sharpshooter Rifle

7.62mm The rifle fires a 7.62mm round and has enhanced accuracy of engagement during longer-range firefights.

Small arms and support weapons

L115A3 Long Range 'Sniper' Rifle

600 metres They are designed to achieve a first-round hit at 600 metres and harassing fire out to 1,100 metres.

Small arms and support weapons

Combat Shotgun

12 gauge The Combat Shotgun is a semi-automatic, tubular magazine-fed weapon chambered for the 12 gauge cartridge.

Small arms and support weapons

Light Machine Gun

300 metres It provides the section commander with the capability to impose sustained suppressive fire on to an objective out to 300m.

Small arms and support weapons

General Purpose Machine Gun

GPMG The general purpose machine gun (GPMG) can be used as a light weapon and in a sustained fire role.

Small arms and support weapons

Heavy Machine Gun

12.7mm The powerful L1A1 12.7mm (.50) Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) is an updated version of the Browning M2 Fifty-cal.

Small arms and support weapons

Grenade Machine Gun

Mounted The GMG is usually mounted on WMIK Land Rovers but can also be used from ground-based tripods.

Small arms and support weapons

Personal Clothing

Design The latest camouflage design was developed after extensive laboratory tests and field evaluations.

Personal Equipment


Armour Osprey assault body armour and Virtus body armour system.

Personal Equipment

Personal Role Radio

Infantry PRR is issued to every member of an eight-strong infantry section.

Personal Equipment


Future Soldier unveils radical transformation for the British Army

The British Army has announced further details of Future Soldier, its most radical programme of transformation in over 20 years.

ArmyHQ-2016-047 Mercian SPTA 035.jpg

All British Armed Forces roles now open to women

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has today announced that all roles in the military are now open to women.

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