The Mercian Regiment

The Heart of England's Infantry

Composed of two regular and one reserve battalion, The Mercian Regiment weaves the strength and agility of the light role, and the devastating power and speed of the armoured role to fearsome effect on exercise and operations.




1 September 2007






Light role and Armoured Infantry

our skills

Professional, determined, and fierce. Mercian soldiers are renowned for their professionalism and courage when deployed, and our reputation marks us out as one of the most effective and modern Infantry units in the British Army.

  • Professional
  • Determined
  • Fit
  • Skilled with weapon systems
  • Adaptable
  • Resourceful
  • Courageous
  • Work in close knit teams

Op Shader, Trenton, Falklands

Previous deployments:

  • Iraq

  • Afghanistan

  • Cyprus (UN)

  • South Sudan (UN)

  • Mali (EU Force)

  • Ukraine

Our Location

Mercian Regimental Headquarters

Based in Lichfield, the Regimental Headquarters of The Mercian Regiment administrates the Regiment and acts as a ‘home headquarters’ for the wider MERCIAN regimental family. When not deployed 1MERCIAN are based in Bulford; 2MERCIAN in Weeton, and 4MERCIAN in the Midlands.




Mercian Regimental Headquarters

The Mercian Regiment

Being a Mercian really is belonging. Jack, 23

Our Role

The Mercian infantryman is at the heart of the action, providing the fighting element of the British Army's forces.

Ready to decisively engage the enemy in close quarter combat, Mercians are highly skilled with sophisticated weapon systems ranging from the SA80 A2 rifle through to the Warrior Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle with its 30mm cannon.

Professional, courageous and fiercely proud of our regiment, Mercians are highly regarded throughout the British Army and we are regularly called upon for operations both in peacetime and during armed conflict.

Through the years

Recruited from the five counties that formed the ancient kingdom of Mercia and known as The Heart of England’s Infantry, the regiment was formed on 1st September 2007. The Mercian Regiment has deployed on more than ten operational tours since its formation, making it one of the most operationally experienced.

  1. 2007

    Formed from the Cheshire, Staffordshire and Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiments.

  2. 2007-2009

    Operation Telic (Iraq)

  3. 2010

    Op TOSCA - Cyprus

  4. 2014-15

    Op TOSCA - Cyprus

  5. 2016

    Op ORBITAL - Ukraine

  6. 2017

    MERCIAN 10th Anniversary and deployments to Op Shader - Iraq & Op FIRIC - Falkland Islands

Our Locations

  • RHQ Mercian

    Regimental Headquarters for the Mercian Regiment.

  • 1st Battalion the Mercian Regiment


  • 2nd Battalion the Mercian Regiment

    Weeton Barracks

  • 4th Battalion the Mercian Regiment

    Army Reserves Centres across the Midlands

The Heart of England's Infantry

Explore our equipment


388 Warrior infantry fighting vehicles currently in active service

Combat vehicles

L115A3 Long Range 'Sniper' Rifle

600 metres They are designed to achieve a first-round hit at 600 metres and harassing fire out to 1,100 metres.

Small arms and support weapons

L129A1 Sharpshooter Rifle

7.62mm The rifle fires a 7.62mm round and has enhanced accuracy of engagement during longer-range firefights.

Small arms and support weapons

81mm Mortar

5650 metres High explosive, smoke and illuminating rounds to a maximum range of 5650m.

Small arms and support weapons

General Purpose Machine Gun

GPMG The general purpose machine gun (GPMG) can be used as a light weapon and in a sustained fire role.

Small arms and support weapons

Guided Weapons

Anti-tank weapons The Javelin anti-tank weapon and the Next-generation light anti-tank weapon.

Small arms and support weapons