The Coldstream Guards

Loyal, Professional and Second to None

As the oldest continuously serving regiment in the British Army, the Coldstream Guards is well known for its high-profile ceremonial duties – but it’s an infantry unit first and foremost, with a hard-won reputation as an elite fighting force.



23 August 1650




Light Role Infantry

our skills

Life in the Coldstream Guards is based on infantry skills. From there, the opportunities for development are limitless, from mortar operation to reconnaissance. 

  • Reconnaissance 
  • Operating machine guns
  • Sniping
  • Operating mortars
  • Tactical communication
  • Driving vehicles
  • Logistical support
  • Guarding royal palaces


The Coldstream Guards is currently deployed in Belize for jungle warfare training.

Past Deployments:

  • Operation Herrick (Afghanistan)
  • Operation Telic (Iraq)

Our People

While the Coldstream Guards recruits from across the UK, it has strong ties with the north east and south west of England. Wherever they’re from, soldiers in the Coldstream Guards are devoted to maintaining the regiment’s outstanding reputation.

Sergeant Price - Platoon Sergeant

Our Location

Victoria Barracks

The Coldstream Guards is based in the historic market town of Windsor. 


Coldstream Guards

I want to follow my father and my uncle David, 23

Our Role

Renowned for their discipline and courage, Coldstream Guards are infantry soldiers who specialise in light role operations: performing reconnaissance, operating machine guns and mortars, and engaging enemy troops on foot and in light vehicles. This versatility makes the regiment one of the most important fighting units in the British Army.

Coldstream Guards also have a ceremonial role as protectors of the royal palaces, including Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace. The Regimental Band of the Coldstream Guards is one of the oldest and best-known military marching bands in the world

Past to Present

The Coldstream Guards is the oldest continuously serving regiment in the Army, with origins that date back to the English Civil War. Since then, it has answered the call of duty at almost every conflict with British involvement, earning a well-deserved reputation for loyalty and courage..

  1. 1650

    The Regiment is formed under command of George Monck.

  2. 1776

    During the American Revolutionary War, the Coldstream Guards capture New York.

  3. 1915-18

    The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Battalions deploy to France during World War I.

  4. 1939-45

    Five Coldstream battalions fight in Europe and Northern Africa.

  5. 1991

    The 1st Battalion fights in Gulf War I alongside the Grenadiers.

  6. 2009-14

    The 1st Battalion fights in Afghanistan on Operation Herrick.

Our Locations

  • Victoria Barracks

    Victoria Barracks, Sheet Street, Windsor, SL4 1HF

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